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Australia flags for sale at theflagshop.co.uk

Australia, one of the smaller continents, is located in the tropical Pacific Ocean; it boasts some of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Divided into three subregions, Australia (the continent) is a unique region. Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia are all perched in between Southeast Asia and both of the American continents.

Australia takes up the biggest portion of Australia, making it one of our best sellers. As a country renowned for it’s gorgeous weather, kangaroos and Ayers Rock, it’s no wonder Australia is so popular. The Australian flag is an interesting design, comprising of three prominent symbols: The Union Flag, the Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross.

The Australian flag was adopted in 1903, and has since grown to become one of the most  recognisable flags in the world. The vivid design looks truly eye-catching on our high quality polyester. We have a range of Australian flags in various sizes, ranging from; hand flags to bunting and even satin table flags as well as a range of standard flags in different sizes - perfect if you’re planning on going down under…

As well as the mainland Australia flag, we also stock many other flags which represent various areas of the vast country. From Victoria to Queensland, South Australia to Western Australia - you won’t be disappointed by our huge range of high quality polyester Australia flags. But if you really can’t decide, why not try our Boxing Kangaroo flag? Ideal for showing your Australian support!

Next stop in our Oceanic tour is New Zealand. Most famous for it’s infinite natural beauty and for being the set to many big blockbusters; New Zealand also has a famous flag…

Like the Australian flag, the New Zealand flag also contains the Union Flag - along with various red stars to represent the Southern Cross constellation. First adopted in 1902, the vivid colours of this iconic flag look great printed onto our high quality fabrics. However you want to express your pride in New Zealand, we have a range of flag sizes to suit you; from bunting to 8ft x 5ft, you won’t be disappointed by the massive range we have available, all at competitive prices.

If it’s New Zealand rugby you’d like to support, why not try our New Zealand All Black Flag? Ideal for fans around the globe!

Although New Zealand and Australia have a culture very similar to Britain, there are also many other islands in Oceania. One of the biggest and most recognisable in Indonesia, home to massive cities such as Jayapura and Jakarta. Also renowned for their colourful wildlife and culture, Indonesia also has a recognisable flag.The design is simple and comprises of just two block horizontal red and white lines. Adopted in 1950, the Indonesian flag is simple and distinguished. The Indonesian design is also available in bunting and other various sizes.

Another one of Oceania’s most popular destinations is Papua New Guinea, which occupies the eastern half of the New Guinea Island. The Independent State of Papua New Guinea has a vibrant flag, comprising of a raggiana bird of paradise design in yellow, red and black with five pointed stars. The flag was appointed in 1971 after a competition was held for the design, it proved so popular it is still exactly the same today. We have the Papua New Guinea flag in various sizes; ranging from 3ft x 2ft to hand waving designs and bunting. The vibrant colours stand out on our flags due to being printed on the highest quality polyester. We can supply you with the best flags for the cheapest prices, without having to compromise with quality.

Micronesia is a state which contains over 600 islands, each with their own flag. However, the State of Micronesia has it’s own flag to represent all the islands together. The Micronesia flag design is simple yet noticeable; the blue background represents the Pacific Ocean, while the four stars represent the four countries. Adopted in 1978, the flag is one of The Flag Shop's best sellers - we have it available in a range of sizes from bunting to satin table flags and many other standard flag sizes.

No matter where in Oceania you want to support, we will have a flag for you. From Fiji to Guam, Palau to Kiribati, we have a huge range of high quality Oceania flags waiting for you!