World Cup 2026 Bunting

The 2026 World Cup is coming soon, so it's time to make your pubs, streets and homes come alive with festive World Cup bunting! Show your support with The Flag Shop's gorgeous selection of 2026 bunting and get ready to join the party!

So who will you be backing? All the usual favourites? Can England's Three Lions finally do it? And how will you be showing your support? We like to be ahead of the game, so to that end we at The Flag Shop have stocked up on beautiful World Cup 2026 bunting that you can hang up in your home, pub, shopfront, street or garden to get into the World Cup 2026 spirit. Whether you’re attending a match out on the town, or whether you’re having your own footy party at home, you’ll be ready to celebrate in true football fan style. 

No matter if you are going to watch a game in person or hosting a football fan gathering at home, you will be ready for the festivities in style!

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World Cup 2026 Bunting available at The Flag Shop

To get into the football spirit, planning a party is an excellent way to spend time with family, bond with your local community, or have some fun with friends. To make the event even more special and memorable, you can decorate it in style by using World Cup 2026 Bunting. Our selection includes various designs and sizes for this titanic sporting event.

Looking to add some extra patriotism to your home or business for the upcoming World Cup in 2026? Look no further than our World Cup Bunting! Our bunting consists of 32 world flags, sewn onto tough polyester tape, and is nine metres in length - plenty to fill that wall! If you need something even bigger, we've got you covered with our Giant World Cup Bunting. There's no better way to show your support for your country and get into the spirit of the competition than by decking out your space with our bunting! Each of the 32 flags measures 45cm x 30cm and is available in a substantial length of 17.8 metres.

Cheer on your favorite team with this Giant England St George Bunting! This is the ideal decoration for match viewings at pubs or gardens, movie nights, and anywhere else you can catch the game. Measuring 18.25 metres (approximately sixty feet) in length and featuring thirty flags that measure 45cm x 30cm (roughly 12 inches by 18 inches), this bunting will make a major statement! Printed in vivid colors on quality polyester, it's designed to withstand all types of weather--rain, wind, and sunshine.


Visit The Flag Shop and get ready for World Cup 2026! We have a variety of national flags, as well as our unique triangular World Cup Bunting. This bunting is 11.5 metres (37.5 feet) in length and features 32 world flags, one for each nation competing in the tournament. Each pennant is 20 cm by 30 cm and made from polyester fabric - perfect for adding a distinctive touch to any event!

We offer a vast selection of national flags and bunting crafted from top-notch materials, like polyester. This fabric is incredibly durable and doesn't fade, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Demonstrate your loyalty to your favorite team with one of our flags - displaying them on poles or simply as decorations. And if you're excited for the World Cup 2026, why not buy some bunting to show it?

Looking to show your support for the World Cup 2026? Then get yourself some World Cup bunting! They truly are perfect way to celebrate the tournament and show your enthusiasm for the sport in general. Assuming you’re not lucky enough to make it to the tournament, make sure you still participate in the festivities from the comfort of your own home or garden - Proudly flying your favourite nation’s bunting is the perfect way to get into the spirit!