The Red Dragon is the face of Wales, majestically representing their proud nation for decades. The iconic flag, which is backed onto a green and white field, has been flying for generations – but it’s not the only flag to grace the skies of Wales...

From the St David’s Cross to the Owain Glyndwr and many other flags including Anglesey, Pembrokeshire and Flintshire, the Flag Store has loads of Welsh flags for you to choose from. Available in bunting, table flags and many other sizes, you won’t be disappointed by the wide range and quality of our products.

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  11. Glamorgan Table Flag
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  12. Wales table flag satin
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  13. Owain Glyndwr Bunting
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  14. Glamorgan Bunting
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  15. Monmouthshire Bunting
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Wales is a country rich in natural beauty, famed for their rugged coastline, beautiful national parks and truly distinctive language.

Home to Snowdon, the country’s highest peak, as well as some of the UK’s best cities, Wales is nothing short of amazing. The country itself is proud and crammed full of heritage and culture, and nothing signifies this more than the iconic Welsh flag. The red dragon, backed onto a distinctive green a white drop is famed around the world, emanating pride in everyone who views it.

At The Flag Store we have a wide range of Welsh flags, from the country flag to each individual county, each is made from the highest standard polyester for ultimate quality and style.


Although the new design was only officially recognised as the Welsh national flag in 1959, The Welsh Dragon Flag is a design with a colourful background and history...

The design itself dates back to the Tudors, signified by the use of the green and white, which were both famous Tudor colours.

However, it’s the dragon which is the most iconic feature – the Red Dragon of Cadwaladr, King of Gwynedd is the star of the Welsh flag.Similar to many other country flags, this is a best seller.

Available in different sizes and styles, this is ideal for anyone wanting to express their pride in being Welsh. Also, with Euro 2016 here, use the flag to support the country’s football team to victory!


The St David’s Cross Flag is often used as an alternative to the traditional Welsh Dragon flag, the simplistic black and yellow design represents the patron saint of Wales, St David.

This flag is one of the Flag Shop’s best sellers, as they often play a role in St David’s Day celebrations which take place in Wales every year. But if you can’t wait until then, when not buy one of these flags now? All crafted from the highest quality materials, you won’t be disappointed by the longevity and vivid colours of this flag.


Anglesey is a large island off the north-west coast of Wales, as well as being the fifth largest island surrounding Great Britain. Home to vast coastal paths and natural scenery, Anglesey is an island that makes Wales proud.

As Anglesey is its own island, it also has its own flag, which is another one of the Flag Shop’s best sellers.

Registered by the Flag Institute in March 2014, the design is more detailed than many other flags, consisting of three yellow dragons, with an arrow head shaped yellow stripe, backed onto a vivid red background.

Although this is a relatively new flag, it has shown true popularity amongst buyers. So why not invest in an Anglesey flag, or maybe some bunting for the ultimate garden party decoration.


The Owain Glyndwr flag is an iconic Welsh flag, consisting of four Lions Rampant in a distinctive yellow and red design.

The flag itself dates back to the 15th century as a banner adopted by Owain Glyndwr, a Welsh ruler who once held the title of Prince of Wales who also renowned as a patriot, hero and freedom fighter. Today, the flag is used widely amongst pro independence groups and holds a prominent role in the official Royal Badge of Wales. It’s also grown to become a Flag Shop best seller, available in different sizes and styles to suit all.


For the ultimate Welsh flag, the Cymru flag beats them all.

Featuring the official flag of Wales, complete with red dragon, this design also features a bold ‘Cymru’ slogan – which is Wales in Welsh for those who don’t know. Nothing speaks pride more clearly than a native language, and that pride is expressed in the flag. So if you want to fly high with Welsh pride, this flag is for you.

So whether you’re supporting the home team or just looking for a flag to represent home, the Cymru flag beats contenders hands down.