Scotland, home to many historic and iconic faces such as the Loch Ness Monster and Braveheart - but nothing represents this proud land better than their national flag, which has been flying high since the 15th century.

The iconic blue and white Scottish flag is available in many different sizes and styles, from bunting to an 8ft x 5ft giant, The Flag Shop has a flag to suit you.

But it’s not just the iconic St Andrew we have on offer, there’s also the historic Lion Rampant, the vibrant Orkney flag and much more…

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Located in the North of the British Isles lays Scotland; a country packed full of some of Britain’s biggest and best cities, a uniquely colourful history and some of the best tourist destinations the British Isles have to offer.

From the peaceful Highlands to the hustle and bustle of busy Edinburgh streets, Scotland is bursting the brim with culture ready to savour.

If you’re a Scot, or you just love everything the country has to offer, why not take a look at a Scottish flag to express your pride and interest.

At The Flag Store, we have a wide range of flags crafted from the highest quality polyester for you to enjoy. So whether it’s bunting you’re after or a big flag to fly high, take a look at what we have to offer…


The Scottish flag is not just one of the most recognisable flags in the British Isles; it’s also one of the most recognisable flags in the world.

Each day, the flag is flown proudly from Government buildings in Scotland from 8am to sunset, so if you want to join in this age old traditional and fly the Scottish flag proudly from your house or car every day, the Flag Shop has a flag for you.

The St Andrew’s cross is a simple yet sleek design, with a dark blue background and a white Saltire cross on top. The plain yet striking layout makes it great for bunting as well as larger flags.

The flag itself dates back to the 15th century, giving it a rich and vibrant history – so if you want to express your pride in the Scottish heritage or show your support for the country football team, a Flag Shop flag is the perfect way to show it.


The Orkney flag is one of Scotland’s youngest designs, being officially recognised in 2007 after a public flag consultation to finalise the design.

Orkney itself is a small island off the Scottish coast, famous for its tall sandstone cliffs and seal colonies.

The flag symbolises the Island’s Scottish and Norwegian heritage by taking characteristics from each design to create a brand new one. The colours red and yellow are from the Scottish and Norwegian royal of arms, while the blue represents the sea and maritime heritage of the islands as well as the original Scottish flag.

From bunting to flags, to quaint table decorations, there are plenty of ways to express your Orkney pride.

So if you want to show support for one of the newest flags in Scotland, buy one of our best sellers!


Famed as the Royal Banner of the Royal Arms of Scotland, the Lion Rampant dates back to the 13th century, generating mass amounts of history and heritage along the way.

The design itself is bright and colourful with a vibrant red dragon with blue claws and tongue, framed with a red border and finally backed onto a yellow field. The flag is noted as one of Scotland’s most recognisable symbols, making it a popular choice for buyers up and down the country.

Although the St Andrew’s cross is the official flag of Scotland, you can still express your Scottish pride with a Lion Rampant flag.

Available in various sizes and styles, the 5ft x 3ft flag is our best seller. But if you’re looking for something smaller, why not try bunting or a table flag?


If you’re looking for a Scottish flag but want something with a little more fun, why not try a Bonnie Scotland or Tartan Army flag to express your true Scottish colours?

Both flags are 5ft x 3ft, so everyone who views it can admire it. Crafted from the highest quality polyester in vivid colours, you’re guaranteed to love this flag.

The Tartan Army flag is a combination of both the National Flag of Scotland and the Lion Rampant design. The slogan in the middle breaks both flags apart, while the bold writing is large enough for all to see. The combination of both flags makes this item colourful and unique, a great way to mix it up from the usual flags of Scotland.

Similar to the Tartan Army flag, the Bonnie Scotland design is effortlessly vivid, showcasing bright and bold letter in distinctive yellow and red colouring. The Lion Rampant design is framed in the middle of the design in a shield, backed onto a St Andrew's Cross for an ultimately patriotic design.

Both are best sellers, so the real question is, which one do you choose?