British Isles

British Isles

Guernsey, Jersey, the Isle and Man and the Isle of White are the final pieces of the British puzzle. Each located just off the coast of England, they add some much needed natural beauty to an already stunning nation.

Each is represented by their own flag, all of which are available at the Flag Shop. Notable and recognisable through the UK, become a proud owner of your very own flag to express your pride in where you live.

From the iconic three armoured legs of the Isle of Man flag to the subtle design of the Guernsey cross – we have a wide range available. All are made from the highest standard materials, meaning you won’t be disappointed in the longevity and quality of these great flags.

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The British Isles Flags at

When thinking about the British Isles, many just think that England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales are the extent of what our great nation has to offer...

However, this mindset isn’t the right way to think, as this misses out some of the British Isle’s true gems.

Located just off the bottom of England, subtly nestled just off the coast, are the Channel Islands: Guernsey and Jersey. Famed for their extensive natural beauty and good weather, many take to these tiny islands for holiday purposes.

But it’s not just the Channel Islands getting missed, there’s also the Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight.

Located four miles of the coast of Hampshire, the Isle of Wight is Britain’s second biggest island. Home to many tourist attractions and the Isle of Wight music festival, it’s not just Britain’s second largest island – it’s also the Dinosaur capital of Great Britain!

Home to many exhilarating sporting events, the Isle of Man is an exciting island full of adventures and opportunities. Located in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland, this tiny country boasts a unique history which attracts people from all backgrounds to visit.

Each of these islands are unique in their own way, with individual flags to express their own identities. The Flag Shop have a vast range of British Isles flags in many shapes and sizes to suit every need – here’s some of our best sellers for inspiration.

The Isle of Man Flag

Renowned for being self governed and for its extensive rugged coastline, The Isle of Man is home to over 85,000 people, while many more flood to the island each year for the infamous and exhilarating TT races. Another thing that makes the Isle of Man stand out from the crowd is their ultimately recognisable flag...

Until 1932, the official flag of the Isle of Man was the Union Jack, which is recognised throughout the world. However, it now has a more distinctive flag. Designed with a vibrant red background with three armoured legs with golden spurs, the flag is based on a coat of arms which dates all the way back to the 13th century.

With its effortlessly unique design and colourful history, it’s no wonder it has become one of the Flag Shop’s best sellers.

Available in bunting and a hand waving flag, as well as traditional flag sizes, there’s a size and purpose for everyone.

The Jersey Flag

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands – located in between England and France, it has become a popular tourist destination for many Brits. Packed full of beautiful beaches and scenic walking trails, it’s no wonder this island is so popular.

Whether you live in Jersey or you love to holiday there, why not invest in a flag to share your love for the Channel Islands?

Designed with a red saltire on a plain white field, the flag is simplistic with the added detailing of the island’s badge.

The 5ft x 3ft flag is a best seller, while other sizes are available to cater for every need and want.

The Guernsey Flag

Right next door to Jersey is Guernsey, the smaller of the two Channel Islands. Although smaller, Guernsey is just as popular thanks to its beaches, coastlines, cliffs and 13th century harbour.

Like Jersey, the flag is a best seller in a white and red design. The flag itself has a simple red cross much like the St George’s Cross flag of England, with an added gold cross within it to differentiate the two.

The flag has been flying high since 1985, and now it is a Flag Shop best seller.

So if you want to inject a bit of Guernsey into your home or garden, why not buy some bunting or a table flag, or even a 5ft x 3ft flag... it’s our best seller!

The Celtic Nations Flag

The Celtic Nations are made up of six territories including: Brittany, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man, they are commonly referred to as the "Celtic fringe".

Consisting of so many different areas and countries, the flag is without a doubt the most interesting and complex design, making it a Flag Store best seller.

The flag is made up of each of the six flags, with a knot tie design in the centre joining them all together.

This multicoloured design is available in bunting, table flags and several other different sizes. So no matter whether you’re from Ireland or Wales, Brittany or Scotland, this is the flag for you.