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Teardrop Flags For Sale

It’s impossible not to be noticed with the right flag. Whether it’s waving in the wind, set up on the beach, or strapped to your backpack, a teardrop flag can be a surefire way to make an impact. We at The Flag Shop have a massive, creative assortment of custom teardrop flags for salethat will get your business spotted and remembered, and have people finding your party in no time. 

Our giant array of teardrop flags includes a broad range of sizes, shapes, and heights for you to select from. Whether you’re advertising a medium-sized business or you want your street stall to be spotted at the market, there’s a solution for every need. We offer the templates you need, and you simply upload your own personal or branded artwork using our online software, and we’ll print your teardrop flag onto 115 gsm knitted polyester in the brightest, photo-quality colours you could ask for. 

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Our 2.8-metre Pro-Lite Teardrop Flag is an ideal choice for personal and business use and acts as eye-catching, durable signage for high street shops and pubs alike. If you’ve got a dinner menu you’d like to promote, an event to advertise, or simply want people to know where to get ice-cream, these are simple to set up outside and can easily withstand winds of up to 18 miles per hour. Equipped with a convenient, lightweight, and simple-to-assemble fibreglass pole, you have an array of versatile bases to choose from depending on your requirements. 

Our 3..4-metre Pro-Lite Teardrop Flag, for example, offers all the same flexibility - choose from a car base, a water base that can be used both outdoors and inside, or a cross base for indoor restaurants, cafes, and event halls. If you’re hoping to advertise on the beach or promote your business in a grassy field, our basic spike or rotating ground spike options provide all the visibility required for your clear, vivid, double-sided flag to be seen and remembered. 

For those with smaller requirements, or any event that requires quick setup and easy transport, the 2-metre Pro-Lite Teardrop Flag with Aluminium Pole comes complete with a sturdy, firm base that stands slightly above the average eyeline. Your custom brand work, logotype, image, slogan, or full-resolution photo can be featured at a memorable 630 mm x 1600 mm using high-resolution printing on outdoor-ready, weatherproof polyester, and it won’t succumb to the suns rays or fade in wet weather. We also stock, conveniently ship, and deliver 3-metre Teardrop Flags with Poles which are perfect for outdoor music festivals, 4-metre Teardrop Flags and Poles, which stand out from the crowd at expos. If you’re going large, we also offer a choice of 4.5-metre and 5.6-metre Teardrop Flag designs. These are ideal not only for be seen, but there’s a good chance your memorable flag will be snapped on camera! 

Here at The Flag Shop, we also offer Custom Teardrop Backpack Flag options that make perfect pacers at running events. These secure firmly to a backpack for visibility on the go and work beautifully at event snacks dispensers. Street promotions, guerilla marketing, and outdoor advertising is made easy with these collapsible frame teardrop flags for sale, and these backpack flags have comfortable straps for all-day wear when you’re out and about. Weighing only 2.5 kg, why not turn yourself into a walking, talking advertising machine?

At The Flag Shop, we’re keen to save you cash, and it’s why you’ll find all our Teardrop Flags for Sale at discounted rates when you order in bulk. We ship and deliver worldwide, as well as across the UK, allowing you to click, upload, and sit back until your flags arrive. Whether you’re ordering a pack of hand flags for a march, or you’re searching for table flags to set up your next dinner party, we ensure you don’t have to search around for all the things you need to get set up. Just get noticed, in style, and we will take care of the rest!

Why not browse our teardrop flags and get your event or business noticed today?