Queen’s Jubilee Bunting

Throw an unforgettable Platinum Jubilee event this year with The Flag Shop’s Queen’s Jubilee Bunting. If you’ve got plans for a lunch, brunch, parade, or community event in the pipeline, make sure it stands out a mile with unique, patriotic, and one-of-a-kind decorations! We’ve got a massive assortment of British flag bunting, England flag bunting, English counties bunting, and British Isles bunting for you to decorate with your own unique choice of artwork, text, photos, and graphics, all printed in colourfast dyes onto durable polyester weave.

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Queen’s Jubilee Bunting available at The Flag Shop

Brighten up your home or business with a stunningly British show of support for her Majesty, starting with our 66 ft Union Jack Triangular Bunting! Our mega bunting is over 20 metres in length for practical, patriotic decorations along streets, shop fronts, or outdoor and public spaces. This bestselling bunting includes 50 11.75 x 7.5 inch (30 cm x 19 cm) polyester flags, each reinforced at the hem with durable polyester tape for added strength. Whether you’re zig-zagging this bunting across the streets of your home town or celebrating her Majesty from your Royal Army base, this Queen’s Jubilee Bunting is the perfect way to commemorate the momentous occasion!

Add pizzazz to your Platinum Jubilee parade with The Flag Shop’s popular Union Jack Great Britain Bunting! This spectacular Queen’s Jubilee Bunting is a stunning, eye-catching addition to any outdoor or indoor venue, displaying the Union Jack in bright, vivid prints on your choice of 10, 20, or 30 polyester pennants. Each mini Union Jack is 6 x 9 inches or 15 by 23 centimetres across and printed in photorealistic colours using our hi-resolution technology. Ideal for celebrating Her Majesty’s once-in-a-lifetime anniversary indoors or outdoors, these lightweight but durable decorations keep their colour and crispness for reuse at sporting events, parties, festivals, and all-year-around advertising promotions. We stock 3 metre (9.8ft), 6 metre (19.8ft), and 9 metre (30 ft) bunting for venues of all sizes, from classrooms and mobile food trucks to offices, Royal Army bases, and public squares. 

Why not create a display that stands out with The Flag Shop’s Giant Union Jack Bunting? The biggest, boldest, and most patriotic way to commemorate Her Majesty’s special year is with a strand of our whopper 45 cm x 30 cm (approximately 12 inch by 18 inch) pennants! Our Giant Union Jack Bunting measures 18.25 metres (roughly 60 feet), and makes a spectacular visual impact when displayed on its own or alongside Queen’s Jubilee Bunting such as our 11.3 metre Red, White, and Royal Blue Bunting. Portable, lightweight, and colourfast, it’s easy to use as a decoration for special Jubilee events such as military shows, school concerts, and anywhere you’re hosting a celebratory promotion. Each flag features the combined St George, St Andrews, and St Patrick’s crosses in the iconic Union Jack design.

Nothing is more Royal than the Flag Shop’s Union Jack Crest Bunting, which gives a stunning instant Jubilee theme to any event for Her Majesty! Our durable, colourfast bunting features the Royal Coat of Arms against the Union Jack on each 115 gsm polyester pennant, and each pennant is reinforced for extra strength with high-grade polyester tape. Available in 3 metre and 9 metre lengths, these gorgeous decorations can be used to decorate building facades along parade routes and add an instant patriotic theme to public spaces such as plazas, marketplaces, and squares. Available with The Flag Shop’s fast, free UK-wide delivery, this Customised Queen’s Jubilee Bunting will help you throw an event to be remembered!

Wherever you’re going to be this long weekend, The Flag Shop’s breathtaking UK Counties Bunting is the perfect decoration for your Jubilee promotion or event. As well as our top-selling England St George Cross Bunting, we have a patriotic selection of decorations that help you celebrate Her Majesty with a local twist! If you’re hosting a Jubilee event, holding a Jubilee concert, or offering promotional drinks in your local, why not get your community involved with our Northumberland Bunting, Cornwall Bunting, Yorkshire Rose Bunting, or stunning Lincolnshire Bunting around your venue? Commemorate this significant event for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in style, with The Flag Shop’s Queen’s Jubilee Bunting!