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Portable Football Flags for Sale

Nothing makes a supporter stand out like an on-the-go football club flag! When you’re headed to your next viewing party, make sure you’ve got all the right accessories for the big win that’s coming. With our portable football flags for sale, you’ll never be alone - though you may be spoiled for choice!

Here at The Flag Shop, you’ll find catalogues full of great football-themed table flags, hand flags for matches, and car flags for all day long. With national, team, and club flags to choose from, there’s something for every budget and event.

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  1. England Table Flag
    England St George Table Flag Budget
  2. France Table Flag
    France Table Flag Budget
  3. Italy Table Flag
    Italy Table Flag Budget
  4. France table flag satin
    France Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  5. Italy table flag satin
    Italy Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  6. Custom EU Union Jack Flag
    Custom EU Union Jack Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  7. Ile de France Table Flag
    Ile de France Table Flag Budget
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Portable Football Flags for sale at The Flag Shop

Why not check out our Union Jack Great Britain Car Flag, which clips securely to hang out of your car window? Made from quality, hard-wearing polyester and printed with vivid, clear colours, the red white and blue has never been so vivid. Showcase all your love for the nation’s favourite team as you head to work, to your local club, or even a casual football game, and make sure your fellow fans can spot you. Like our other car-friendly portable football flags for sale, the classic Union Jack measures 16 inches by 10 inches (or 40 cm by 25 cm), and comes complete with a light-yet-sturdy pole for optimal visibility.

We also stock Official England Car Flags X2, and deliver them across the UK for free, too! The St George’s cross is strikingly bold with a high-resolution, photo-quality print finish, ensuring your portable football flag last season after season. Ordering in bulk for a team celebration or planned event? At The Flag Shop, you’ll receive a discount for ordering larger quantities - why not save money and get the whole team ready at once?

After football flags for viewing dinners, match parties, and post-game celebrations? Our sporting events table flags are easily portable and make ideal placeholders at your own home, or at a friend’s house. Whether you’d like to party in style at your own home or at a family member’s do, you’ll find it easy to brighten up the room with the national flag of your choice. Simply set these convenient adornments as centrepieces or use them to help guests find their seats - these handy, lightweight flags are made from tear-proof polyester and can be spotted in an instant. 

You’ll not only find our portable football flags for sale at affordable prices - and that includes our most popular budget St George table flag! - but they also include a base and pole. Simple for anyone to set up in seconds, the St George table flag is 6 x 4 inches (150 mm x 100 mm) in diameter and stands 12 inches or 30 cm high. While they won’t get in the way of your festivities, they’re unmissable! 

The Flag Shop is also where you’ll find British hand waving flags for all sorts of footy events, such as the Premier League or upcoming Euro 2020. With a hugely packed catalogue of World Countries Hand Flags for you to browse and choose from, finding the patriotic flag for your national team has never been so easy. Our hand waving flags are compact, easy to put together, and lightweight enough to be carried around all day and night. 

Our European Union EU Hand Waving Flag is designed for the Euro 2020, regardless of which team you’re backing. Even more low-priced when you order in bulk, these festive blue EU hand wavers will perfectly suit any football match or sporting occasion. With a 24-inch, or 60 cm stick, these flags are 18 x 12 inches in size (45 cm by 30 cm) and guaranteed to make a splash at kick-off, or post-game festivities. They come with a handy 9 mm wooden stick and are printed in vivid, vibrant, fade-proof polyester with clear and weather-resistant ink. Ideal through all weathers, year after year!

All our portable football flags can be easily delivered to your home or place of business in a few clicks. We ship overseas, as well as across the UK, so that you’ll never be without the perfect flag for the next big game that’s around the corner. With our massive selection of different flag sizes, materials, and designs, what are you waiting for? Browse our portable football flags for sale and get prepped for your next match today!