Order Euro 2021 Flags and Bunting

Ready to welcome the summer with a dose of footy fever? Keen to cheer your favourite national team on to a big win, then watch them hold up the cup with pride? Order Euro 2021 Flags and Bunting from The Flag Shop and get set for the whistle to blow by jazzing up your viewing venue with our colourful national flags!

When you order Euro 2021 Flags and Bunting from our online store, you’ll enjoy free shipping on all your bunting, giant flags, standard wavers, and nifty hand-waving flags. We post your flags worldwide so you can tune in anywhere in your team’s colours, and offer speedy UK postal delivery to all addresses with our VAT-inclusive prices. 

Kick off your collection with our Euro 2021 Flag Packs, available with all 24 competing nations in one convenient package! These 5 ft by 3 ft (152 cm x 91 cm) standard flags include all the Euro 2020 nations from Austria to Wales, all printed on durable standards using our tear-resistant, no-fray, no-fade polyester weave for a longer life. Suitable for outdoor venues as well as indoors, these standard-sized ensigns are amazing additions to any pre-game party, post-match celebrations, or even just setting the mood at your hotel or home. Ready to hang with two hard-wearing metal eyelets or grommets, these are ideal for spicing up your setup, and come with mirror images for full visibility on both sides. 

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  1. St George Cross Bunting
    England St George Cross Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  2. Scotland Bunting
    Scotland St Andrew Bunting
  3. Custom Ukraine Flag
    Custom Ukraine Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  4. Belgium Table Flag
    Belgium Table Flag Budget
  5. Denmark Table Flag
    Denmark Table Flag Budget
  6. Turkey Table Flag
    Turkey Table Flag Budget
  7. Custom Wales Flag
    Custom Wales Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  8. Hungary Table Flag
    Hungary Table Flag Budget
  9. Finland Table Flag
    Finland Table Flag Budget
  10. Croatia Table Flag
    Croatia Table Flag Budget
  11. Czech Republic Table Flag
    Czech Republic Table Flag Budget
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Let everyone know what team you’re behind with our Euro 2021 car flags, which clip effortlessly onto your car for maximum impact as you drive! The Flag Shop’s Euro 2021 collection includes the popular Scotland Saltire St Andrew Car Flag, Wales Welsh Dragon Car Flag, England St George Cross Car Flag, and bestselling set of two Official England Car Flags if you’re keen to make a splash on the road. Measuring 40 cm x 25 cm and reinforced with strong polyester fibre hems, these last wavers show off the St George’s Cross and all your support for England’s national team on a lightweight, 30 cm x 42 cm. Available on a 45 cm plastic stick for hanging out of your car window, these come with The Flag Shop’s Multi Buy Discount, meaning you can combine them with similar-sized flags to enjoy our special discounted rates.

Liven your home up with Euro 2021 bunting from The Flag Shop, and showcase all 24 flags from competing nations across your living room as you tune in! Whether you’re backing England for a win, cheering on France, or hoping for a German cup this year, these lively, festive, and bright pennants are a superb way to get in the gameday spirit. If you’ve got friends popping over for a few pints and a pre-match party, these 8-metre strands make for a quick, exciting themed event, quick to hang up in a flash but a perfect backdrop for your Euro 2021 photos. With 15 cm x 22.5 cm bright pennants in vibrant, fade-resistant colours and printed in laser-sharp detail, you’ll be able to turn your yard, dining room, TV room, or patio into a cascade of Continental colours for kickoff.

Featuring all competing teams from Austria, Croatia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, North Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and Wales, or Euro 2021 bunting collection also includes bumper-sized pennants and super-long strands for making a giant impact! 

Our Giant Euro 2021 Bunting is a top choice for pubs, bars, beer gardens, parks, tea rooms, and all kinds of restaurants, as well as hotels and B&Bs for owners with footy fever! This gigantic bunting stretches an enormous 16 metres to span your entire storefront or hotel reception, and makes a fun, footy-fevered decoration for outdoor seating areas where you might be screening the games live! Each UEFA 2021 Bunting flag spans a whopping 45 cm x 30 cm to show your support off like you mean it, and is suitable for outside venues even if the rain sets in. 

Order Euro 2021 Flags and Bunting to get your family, work mates, and friends in the footy spirit before June 11!