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Lest We Forget Flags 2021

Hold a memorable, respectful event this November with The Flag Shop’s collection of Lest We Forget Flags 2021. Perfect for official military events, private dinners, meetings, and simple shows of respect, our professionally printed Remembrance Sunday Flags are a perfect decoration for any patriotic occasion. Printed on durable polyester flag templates in hard-wearing 115 gsm and 150 gsm weaves, all our poignant, patriotic flags feature weather-resistant colourfast print for a bright, crisp image. Ideal for decorating army or navy headquarters, classrooms, and more, our unique designs can be shipped to your address in the UK for free.  

Decorating an outdoor venue, such as a Navy yard or parade route for a military show? The Flag Shop’s 150 gsm polyester Lest We Forget Flag comes with a rope or toggle and can be fastened instantly to any standard flagpole. A superior high-strength design that can’t easily be torn, frayed, or damaged even in strong winds, these splendidly patriotic flags are a brilliant way to show your support for the Royal armed forces. Each DuraFlag® measures 5 ft across by 3 ft and features a black and white motif of First World War Soldiers set before a bright red poppy. The iconic slogan “Lest We Forget” is printed in crisp contrast across the bottom, making this a wonderfully suitable decoration for Remembrance Sunday 2021. This flag is a stronger design than regular standards and is reinforced with four rows of polyester stitching on the fly edge. Dye printed using screen printing techniques on both sides, they are a tasteful wall adornment or coupled with The Flag Shop’s 66 ft Union Jack Triangular Bunting at military events. 

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Lest We Forget Flags 2021 available at The Flag Shop

The Flag Shop’s bestselling Standard Lest We Forget Poppy Flag is our must-have standard for all business, personal, and diplomatic events throughout November. This professional design features the symbolic image of battlefield soldiers in black and white ink, all printed in high-resolution for a cutting, photo-resolution finish. Printed using colourfast all-weather dyes, this popular flag from our Lest We Forget Flags 2021 catalogue can be hung outside without becoming bleached or fraying in the elements. Like our signature Union Jack Flags and Royal Jubilee Collection Flags, this design is 5 ft by 3 ft (152 cm x 91 cm) and can be flown from a standard flagpole. This flag is a popular way to show solidarity with the RAF, Royal Navy, and Royal British Army during November, and is often used to add colour and significance to special Remembrance Day occasions. 

Throwing a small, but tasteful event, such as a private wreath-laying? Or decorating a small space such as a navy base, community hall, or classroom? The Flag Shop’s Small Lest We Forget Poppy Flag is small but powerful, and a wonderful way to commemorate the fallen with class. Measuring 3 ft by 2 ft across, this mini flag can be combined with other like-sized flags from The Flag Shop’s online store to receive a discount on your total shop. It is typically seen alongside similar-sized British Flags and Jubilee Flags such as the 3 ft by 2 ft Union Jack Great Britain Flag at war memorials, national monuments, graveyards, as well as in private businesses throughout November. 

Looking for a way to support the troops at a specific memorial event, such as a march or military show? Our Lest We Forget Flags 2021 collection is where you’ll find our popular Lest We Forget RAF Flag, which has a striking RAF theme with a black and white backdrop of WW1 warplanes flying overhead. Printed in clear, crisp cutting red, a poppy is shown on the foreground, and the words “Lest We Forget” make this a respectful design for use at Royal Air Force events. Measuring 5 x 3 ft, this 115 gsm polyester flag has double-stitched polyester thread hems for additional strength. Two metal grommets are provided on the left edge of this flag for use with a rope and toggle. This flag looks resplendent alongside The Flag Shop’s 3 metre, 6 metre, or 9 metre Union Jack Bunting which shows off 10 15 x 23 cm (6 by 9 inch) pennants on a 9.8 ft strand, 20 on our 19.8 ft bunting, and 30 Union Jacks on our 30 ft strands.