World Countries

Looking for a world hand flag to proudly wave your countries colours at a gala, carnival, sporting event or fete? At The Flag Shop we stock every countries flag, so whether you are wanting to show your allegiance to the good old US of A with an American waving flag, ring in the New Year with a Chinese hand waving flag, or perhaps show your support for the Socceroos with a colourful Boxing Kangaroo or Australia hand waver, we have the flag for you . From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, we stock them all, so if you are looking to buy hand flags displaying your countries colours, look no further!
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World Countries Hand Waving Flags available at The Flag Shop

Back your national team and show off your pride at outdoor events with The Flag Shop’s professionally-printed World Countries Hand Flags, perfect for parades, military shows, and sports events!

Take your celebrations out of doors and make your patriotism pop at marches, rallies, demonstrations, or crowded music festivals with The Flag Shop’s lightweight, compact, and vibrant hand flags, available in templates from every nation and continent! Find gorgeous national ensigns in hand packs or large and small templates for whatever you’re celebrating, and enjoy speedy nationwide delivery to your UK mainland address when you order online. 

Wave The Flag Shop’s popular Union Jack Hand Waving Flag to stand out at the changing of the guard, or cheer your footy team at the World Cup! Printed using colourfast, vividly-coloured professional dyes in full photo-resolution using specialised flag technology, Union Jack Hand Wavers are an ideal way to make your support known while taking your national pride on the go! Available ready to wave on a handy wooden 24-inch or 60 cm stick, UK Flag Hand Wavers are 18 x 12 inches (45 cm x 30 cm) in size for convenient transport and on-the-go advertising. Reinforced with polyester hems to prevent unwanted fraying and tearing, even in windy conditions, these bestselling flags are easy to spot at crowded concerts, music festivals, sports arenas, and in the stadium at your next big footy match!

Our World Countries Hand Flags include high-impact England Hand Waving Flags featuring the St George’s Cross, printed in beautifully vibrant outdoor-ready professional dyes so your promotion, cheer, or celebration gets noticed! Perfect for sponsored events, rallies, school sports meets, or clever advertising at expos and farmer’s markets, these St George England Hand Waving Flags are lightweight enough to store safely in a backpack or briefcase. With our Multi Buy discount, these can be paired alongside your Scotland St Andrew’s Saltire Hand Waving Flag of a similar size or your Ireland Tri Colour Hand Waving Flag to take your budget even further when you order in bulk!

Show off like you mean it with a colourful cascade of support at packed venues big and small when your whole team or party gets involved! The Flag Shop’s Pack of 12 England Hand Waving Flags is a great value way to equip your whole sports team with exactly what they need for game day on a budget. Also available as Pack of 12 Wales Hand Waving Flags in our World Countries Hand Flags collection, these St George’s Cross flags measure 15 cm x 22 cm, or 6 inches x 8.5 inches and are printed professionally onto flag-grade durable polyester, and come complete with a lightweight plastic stick for outdoor displays. Order 10 packs for further discounts and receive free, fast delivery to mainland addresses so that your whole stag party, hen do, tourist guests, or school outing have something fun to wave!

Looking for World Countries Hand Flags from other continents? Our Russia Hand Waving Flag is ideal for all kinds of international sports events, as well as outdoor promotional campaigns, concerts, and wherever you’re leading tourists to see the sights! A standard-sized 18 by 12 inch template (30 by 45 cm) makes these compact, portable wavers a great way to jazz up your on-the-move promotions, or create an international display with The Flag Shop’s India Hand Waving Flag, Spain Hand Waving Flag, Germany Hand Waving Flag, and more! All printed using colourfast, professional dyes to show off your national ensign in its full glory, The Flag Shop World Countries Hand Flags come with polyester stitched hems for an even longer life. We use colourfast hues to protect your flag from fading or bleaching in the sun, and woven polyester templates to prevent unsightly tattering and tearing. Perfect for all-year-round use out of doors!

The Flag Shop’s World Countries Hand Wavers include over 260 convenient hand flags from all continents, we ship your durable polyester wavers all across the world so that you can celebrate anywhere. With hand flags for Antigua, Australia, and Aruba, all the way to ensigns for West Sahara, Yemen, Yugoslavia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, there’s a long-lasting, vibrant waver for everyone to take on the go!