Greece 200th Independence Anniversary

Hosting an exciting event for March 25th? Commemorating the overthrow of Ottoman rule with a school party? Or are you going to be out and about, celebrating the Greece 200th Independence Anniversary by taking in a parade?

Wherever you’re headed, The Flag Shop’s Greece Independence Anniversary Flags are must-have accessories and essential decorations to amp up your celebrations. With our giant flags, hand waving flags, table flags, and official national flags, you’ll be ready to theme up your venue and mark the date in style - with a bang of blue and white!

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Celebrating the Greece 200th Independence Anniversary at school? Dressing up in National costume and holding your own parade or show is a traditional way to honour the date! With The Flag Shop’s Giant Greece Flags, why not mark the date by giving your assembly hall, classroom, sports hall, or schoolyard some national colours? Giant Greece Flags are excellent festive backdrops for homes and businesses and set a bright, exciting atmosphere for outdoor marches and dances. These giant Greek flags can be hung from any facade, interior wall, garden fence, or shop front for a quick and stunning display of the colours that symbolise independence! At 243 cm x 152 cm or 5 ft by 3 ft in size, these are visible from both sides with crisp, full-resolution double-sided printing.

Kick off an Independence Anniversary parade with Greece Hand Waving Flags for all your onlookers! Full contrast flags in bright, colourfast blue and white, these hand wavers are a lightweight accessory for taking along with you on Anniversary marches, military events, army shows, and outdoor concerts. Measuring 18 by 12 inches or 45 cm by 30 cm for a compact, convenient way to add an element of fun and national pride to school assemblies, community club gatherings, and commemorative events. Double-stitched for extra strength with durable polyester thread, our Greek Hand Wavers come with 24-inch wooden poles that require no setup. Ideal for all ages, whether you’re celebrating Independence Day indoors or outside!

Decorate classrooms, restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, or your shop with gorgeous Greece Table Flags and get people curious to know more about the big day. If you’re celebrating in traditional Greek style with a delicious dinner, The Flag Shop’s Table Flags can theme your dining room, bistro, or office in seconds! Quick to scatter around as placeholders for dinner guests, or arrange as trendy centrepieces for a stylish finish to your celebration meal, these knitted polyester flags are durable enough to last for years. Featuring bright, vivid, and exciting colours of the official Greek flag on a 10 by 15 cm (6 by 4 inch) template, Greek table flags are a great value decoration for parties of all sizes, and require no special setup. Especially when ordered in bulk with our Multi-Buy discount, which gives you a lower price for all similar-sized Greece 200th Independence Anniversary Flags.

Want to promote your Greek taverna, let guests know about your special event, or welcome members of the Greek community to your business for an Independence Day party? Let them know where it’s at with exciting, professionally-printed Greek Bunting! The Flag Shop’s Greece Bunting comes in three convenient lengths for large and small venues, as well as everything in between! Decorate indoor rooms and petit spaces such as your lounge or kitchen with our shorter, 3-metre bunting and 10 stunning flags, or upgrade to 6-metre bunting for your shop, office, or hospitality venue! Jazz up your pub, club, or community hall by stringing our 9-metre long bunting across your facade, and greet the parade as it passes with 30 vibrant, exciting national flags. Our bunting can be hung immediately across doorways, shop windows, and more for an unforgettable display of national pride and cheer!

All of The Flag Shop’s Greece Flags are available with speedy nationwide delivery for free, and our VAT-inclusive rates make your decorating even more budget-friendly. Whether you’re after standard 5 x 3 ft Greek Flags for a flag pole, or you’d like to say Happy Independence Day with a custom Greece Flag of your own, our collection has everything you need to kick those National Day celebrations off with a burst of gorgeous colour!