Canada Flags

Searching for the ideal Canada Flag for your office, shop, business, or home? Look no further than The Flag Shop for a giant selection of top-quality options for your next party, festival, or tournament - we supply and stock vibrant national and regional flags in an exclusive range of sizes, materials, and styles to suit your every need. Whether you’re ordering from the UK or overseas, we will deliver your quality flag to save you time and get you ready!

The Canadian National Flag is easily spotted thanks to its distinctive maple-leaf design and vivid red stripes. Once an unofficial ensign for the country, and otherwise known as the L’Unifolie, it is now formally represents the Canadian people at Olympic events, World Cup matches, and outside embassies across the world. At The Flag Shop, you’ll find nylon, polyester, and satin Canada Flags in all its colourful glory thanks to our superb photo-quality printing techniques and excellent materials. 

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