North America Flags

Be ready and waving for your next American celebration! Browse The Flag Shop’s collection to find your bright, vibrant North America Flags in a gigantic array of styles, template sizes, fabrics, and designs. Order online and get your USA flags ready for a centrepiece, wall hanging, or advertising drive. The Flag Shop has standard flags, bunting, car flags, table flags, and hand flags in the red, white, blue, and bedecked with instantly recognisable icons!

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North America Flags available at The Flag Shop

Getting your business, shop, or home ready for Independence Day? Prepping for Thanksgiving, Presidents’ Day or Memorial Day? Or just want a great way to show off your North American pride? The Flag Shop’s North America Flag collection includes the standard USA North America Flag, a top-seller and the United States Official National Flag. This great value standard USA flag measures 3 feet by 5, and is stitched from durable, knitted and long-lasting polyester for added strength. At the seams, the USA North America Flag is reinforced with super-strong polyester stitching to avoid tearing, fraying, or separation from your flag pole in heavy winds. Your star spangled banner features the red, white, and blue in their full glory with high-quality top resolution prints and fade-proof colour dyes. 

Also available as a USA Budget Table Flag, which measures 4 by 6  inches or 150 mm by 100 mm, the Betsy Ross can be ordered as an instant desk piece or table topper for your Thanksgiving dinners. These affordable table flags can be arranged together as stunning themed centrepieces for formal or family meals, and will complete your American decor for years to come. Designed to be resilient, this template material is polyester and comes with or without a stand to give you full creative flexibility with your setup. With a lightweight plastic stand, these measure 12 inches or 30 centimetres tall - just the ideal height for a desk adornment in the office or a place marker at diplomatic events. 

Save even more when you order our USA Budget Table Flags, Canada Budget Table Flags, Barbados Table Flags, or any of our other North America Flags in bulk. With The Flag Shop’s large quantity discounts, you’ll receive each product at a lower price to make your decorating even more affordable. Perfect for adorning entire businesses, hospitality venues, events, or offices, our bulk buy flag discounts come with speedy and free delivery to mainland UK addresses - as well as across the world!

Our North America Flags catalogue includes crisp, bold, and high-quality Canada Flags, a bestseller printed on hard-wearing polyester using high-resolution photo quality printing technology. Here at The Flag Shop, your Canada Flag can be ordered as a standard 5 by 3 foot template that’s ready to go with two hanging grommets, or we can custom print your own choice of artwork, designs, or text to create your professional Custom Canada Flag. All dyes and printing techniques are carefully chosen to guarantee the longest possible life for your flag without any fading damage or sun bleaching effect over time.

North America Bunting is a super quick, convenient, and exciting way to colour up your venue at a festive celebration or important national holiday! USA State Bunting, for example, features all 50 official state flags from across the United States, from Alabama and Alaska through Florida, Hawaii, and more to Wisconsin and Wyoming! Each of the beautiful North America Flags on this 15-metre (50 foot) bunting measures 22 cm by 15 cm for maximum impact and is printed in crisp detail with long-lasting inks. USA State Bunting is a must-have for Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, New Years Day, Veterans Day, and more!

Why not show off your national pride while you’re on the move with some vivid, bold, and eye-catching North America Car Flags? The Flag Shop’s extensive collection includes Mexico Car Flags, Confederate Car Flags, Costa Rica Car Flags, Panama Car Flags, and Canada Car Flags that all come with a handy clip for hanging your flag out the car window. Made from durable polyester, just like all our standard flags, these beautiful wavers are a head-turner as diplomatic emblems, at motorcades, or just for fun. 

Find more beautiful North America and USA flags at The Flag Shop and get your red, white, and blue today!