Australia and Oceania Flags

Decorate with vivid colours and get in the festive spirit for Australia or ANZAC Day with Australia and Oceania Flags at The Flag Shop! With Multi-Buy Discounts, free Mainland UK shipping, and a huge selection of designs, our collection of flags for Down Under has something for everyone!

The Flag Shop’s best-selling Australian Flag features the Official Flag of the continent, with a rich navy blue backdrop and the Union Jack on the left-hand top corner. The Southern Cross - visible only from Down Under! - is showcased in exquisite detail using high-quality printing and sharp, clean white dyes on the forefront. The Australian Flag is commonly flown at Australia Day celebrations but is also a staple in front and back yards across the country. If you’re hosting a national day party, attending a military show, or supporting your country’s team at a sporting event such as The Commonwealth games, the Australian Flag is a must-have! 

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  1. Palau Table Flag
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  2. Solomon Islands Table Flag
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  3. Samoa Table Flag
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  4. Tuvalu Table Flag
    Tuvalu Table Flag Budget
  5. Tonga Table Flag
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  6. Vanuatu Table Flag
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  7. American Samoa Table Flag
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  8. Cook Islands Table Flag
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  9. Guam Table Flag
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  10. New Zealand table flag satin
    New Zealand Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  11. Australia table flag satin
    Australia Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  12. Victoria Table Flag
    Victoria Table Flag Budget
  13. Cocos Keeling Islands Table Flag
    Cocos Keeling Islands Table Flag Budget
  14. Nauru Table Flag
    Nauru Table Flag Budget
  15. Kiribati Table Flag
    Kiribati Table Flag Budget
  16. Marshall Islands Table Flag
    Marshall Islands Table Flag Budget
  17. Micronesia Table Flag
    Micronesia Table Flag Budget
  18. Niue Table Flag
    Niue Table Flag Budget
  19. Fiji Bunting
    Fiji Bunting
  20. Guam Bunting
    Guam Bunting
  21. Norfolk Island Bunting
    Norfolk Island Bunting
  22. Kiribati Bunting
    Kiribati Bunting
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Australia and Oceania Flags available at The Flag Shop

Also crafted from knitted polyester, with fade-resistant colours and in crisp resolution, the New Zealand Flag is a top seller from our Australia and Oceania Flags collection. On ANZAC Day, outside embassies and hotels, or at festivals and tourist hotspots, the New Zealand flag is a fun and bright way of celebrating the country’s rich history, and it’s unmissable. With metal grommets built especially for all kinds of flag poles, The Flag Shop’s New Zealand Flag can be hung outside your shop, office, or home on events such as New Year’s Day, National Day, and ANZAC Day. If you’re supporting the troops, this standard flag can easily be hung outside your home without any worries about colour bleaching or fading. 

Indoor decorating for office parties, family gatherings, and other Australia Day celebrations is quick and simple on a budget with our Australia Table Flag! This compact table flag sits perfectly on desktops, on top of the dinner table, or on an outdoor table for your Aussie Day barbie. Standing 30 centimetres tall (or roughly 12 inches), Australia Table Flags can be used as quick but beautiful place markers at events. Suitable for corporate, diplomatic, promotional, and personal occasions, table flags can be ordered with or without a plastic base to show off your favourite country’s national colours. Table-top Australia Flags measure a convenient 4 by 6 inches, approximately 15 cm by 10 cm, and are an engaging way to liven up your home office or professional workspace. Why not order more than one and create an amazing centrepiece for your home or workplace to enjoy our large order discount?

Aussie sports fans will love our Australia Hand Waving Flag - an essential for outdoor athletic and competitive events! For The Olympics, World Cup, Commonwealth Games, and more, these hand flags are lightweight enough to wave all day and can easily be carried in a standard backpack. A 30 cm by 45 cm template is bold enough to show your support, while compact enough to fold and pack along for any international event. With a 60 cm or 24-inch wooden stick, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd at your next race, footy match, or music festival! These flags feature a mirror image on the reverse and double-stitched durable hems for extra weather resistance and year-on-year use.

Don’t forget our beautiful Tanzania Flag in 5 ft by 3 ft for your next celebration, and no Australia and Oceania flag is complete without our standard Fiji Flag! If you’re decorating your hotel for guests, your business for clients, or your home for friends, these are a bright and cheerful way to show where you’re from. All our same-size Oceania flags can be picked, mixed, and matched together to complete your collection, while stretching your budget even further with discounted rates when you order your flags in bulk. Attach them to a flag pole from our store, or attach your flag with bungees from our huge range of accessories and get ready to colour your home or venue in style.

Browse, shop, and have your Australia and Oceania Flags delivered in no time with a few simple clicks. Our standard 5-foot by 3-foot flags, 3-9-metre bunting, hand flags, car flags, and table flags are all printed in high-calibre photo-resolution quality for maximum impact. The Flag Shop even stocks Nylon, Polyester, and Satin flags for indoor, outdoor, and all-weather use!