Asia Flags

Advertise your products, cheer your national sports team to victory, or simply show off your heritage with gorgeous Asia Flags from every Eastern country! The Flag Shop’s Asian Flag catalogue has high-quality, superb value banners, bunting, accessories, and standards from India, China, Japan, and Middle Eastern nations with free and fast mainland UK delivery. 

There’s something for every business, party, event, or locality in The Flag Shop’s Asia Flags range - our catalogue includes compact and versatile Asia table flags, Asian car flags, national standards, bunting, hand flags and packs, all available with bulk buy discounts and worldwide delivery. Whether you’re making your workspace a little more personal, or you’d like to promote your local event, our massive catalogue features different sizes, styles, and designs to suit your needs.

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  1. Taiwan table flag satin
    Taiwan Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  2. China Bunting
    China Bunting
  3. Pakistan Bunting
    Pakistan Bunting
  4. Afghanistan Bunting
    Afghanistan Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  5. Bhutan Bunting
    Bhutan Bunting
  6. East Timor Bunting
    East Timor Bunting
  7. Brunei Bunting
    Brunei Bunting
  8. Iran Bunting
    Iran Bunting
  9. Myanmar Bunting
    Myanmar Bunting
  10. Hong Kong Bunting
    Hong Kong Bunting
  11. Iraq Bunting
    Iraq Bunting
  12. Kazakhstan Bunting
    Kazakhstan Bunting
  13. Kurdistan Bunting
    Kurdistan Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  14. Kuwait Bunting
    Kuwait Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  15. Indonesia Bunting
    Indonesia Bunting
  16. Kyrgyzstan Bunting
    Kyrgyzstan Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  17. Laos Bunting
    Laos Bunting
  18. Lebanon Bunting
    Lebanon Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  19. Macau Bunting
    Macau Bunting
  20. Mongolia Bunting
    Mongolia Bunting
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Asia Flags available at The Flag Shop

Asia table flags are perfectly designed for corporate and home events, offices and workspaces, schools, point-of-pay promotions, and on-the-go marketing. They’re a great way to add a splash of colour to your visual merchandising or let others know where you’re from at work! Our Budget India Table Flag is an ideal desk ornament in professional and diplomatic settings, such as when used as place markers for meetings or as part of a centrepiece at a corporate dinner. India Table Flags stand 12 inches or 30 centimetres high with a lightweight easy-attach base with fabric measuring a visible yet compact 6 x 4 inches or 15 cm by 10 cm. Easy to put together and take apart, India Table Flags are ideal for Indian restaurants, as a desk ornament at expos, or on your dinner table when celebrating Diwali!

Want to amp up your Asian-themed party? The Flag Shop’s Asia Flags collection includes vibrant Budget China Table Flags, Israel Table Flags, and Japan Table Flags among our huge stock. All table flags are printed, cut, crafted, and stitched for their maximum possible life using heavy-grade knitted polyester and coloured with fade-resistant dyes. The Flag Shop provides rapid UK-wide shipping and free deliveries to your doorstep for all addresses on the mainland. If you’re overseas, all items in our Asian Nation Flags can be shipped conveniently to your address, so you can decorate right away.

The Flag Shop’s Asia Flag Bunting range is full of brilliant, vividly printed embellishments for national day events, including beautiful Nepal Bunting, United Arab Emirates Bunting, and Uzbekistan Bunting in high-resolution crisp designs. Japan Bunting is available for New Year’s Day celebrations and perfect for hanging streetside along planned parade routes, or outside your establishment, school, or embassy. Whatever size venue you’re decorating, The Flag Shop Asia Flags Bunting is available in a versatile range of lengths, as 3-metre bunting with 10 flags, 6-metre lengths with 20, or 9-metre bunting with 30 stunning flags from your favourite Asian country. Each pennant on our bestselling Asia Bunting measures 15 cm by 23 cm and all designs are printed professionally onto long-lasting polyester. Suitable for outdoor use as well as indoors, Asia Flag Bunting is ideal for living rooms, gardens, back yards, building facades, and stringing up in larger venues such as town halls.

The Flag Shop’s standard Asia Flag designs include the exciting Pakistan Flag as a medium 3 foot to 5 foot template. These polyester outdoor-ready flags use advanced technology printing processes to ensure your colours don’t fade on repeat exposure to sunlight, snow, or rain. With brass eyelets included for easy hanging from an outside or rooftop flagpole, The Flag Shop’s Pakistani Flags can be included in The Flag Shop’s Multi Buy Discount offer. This makes it possible for you to save even more when you pick and mix different nation’s standards of the same size. 

Our giant Asian Flag catalogue is packed with bold, vivid national designs from all your favourite Eastern countries that won’t tatter, rip, or fray through out-of-door use. You’ll find Asia DuraFlags in resilient Nylon for added flag performance in harsh weather conditions, as well as satin table flags for diplomatic, formal, or corporate use. If you’re still not able to find what you’re looking for, The Flag Shop can print and ship your custom flag using any of our Asian Flag templates - simply choose which national flag you’d like to embellish and use our simple software.

We’ve got all your flag-waving needs covered here at The Flag Shop, all that’s left is to pick your Asia flag!