Wimbledon Flags

Wimbledon is one of the biggest events of the summer sports calendar, attracting amazing sportsman and tennis fans from around the world each year to take part in this unbeatable British tournament. Founded all the way back in 1877, Wimbledon is now huge, eagerly anticipated each year by fans to see who will win the slam to bag the trophy. If you’re a tennis fan planning on visiting the courts this summer to catch some of the action, why not take a Wimbledon flag along to show your support for your country’s competitor?
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  1. Switzerland Bunting
    Switzerland Bunting
  2. Switzerland table flag satin
    Switzerland Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  3. Greece table flag satin
    Greece Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  4. Serbia table flag satin
    Serbia Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  5. Union Jack crest table flag satin
    Union Jack Crest Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  6. Greece Bunting
    Greece Bunting
  7. Russia Bunting
    Russian Bunting
  8. Russia table flag satin
    Russia Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  9. Estonia Bunting
    Estonia Bunting
  10. Finland Bunting
    Finland Bunting
  11. Serbia Bunting
    Serbia Bunting
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Wimbledon flags for sale at The Flag Shop

Whether you’re a fan of Murray, Federer or either of the Williams sisters, we have a flag to help show your support. However, if you’re planning on staying at home and throwing a Wimbledon finals party, flags and bunting also make ideal house and garden decorations for your tennis themed swaray. So get the strawberries and cream served up and discover our huge range of Wimbledon flags for sale at The Flag Shop now!

Buy UK Wimbledon flags from theflagshop.co.uk

Over the years, there have been loads of world-class tennis stars hailing from our native Britain, in fact, Andy Murray took home the Men’s Singles Trophy in 2016. Wimbledon is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, so it’s no wonder us Brits love it so much.

If you’re looking for a UK Wimbledon flag for sale, check out our range of Union Jacks available to help show your support and cheer on our amazing players. Whether you’re planning on heading down to London to experience the atmosphere on the green itself or you’re just watching your TV at home with a glass of Pimms in hand, it’s always worth injecting some patriotic spirit into your festivities.

Wimbledon Union Jack Flags

Help spur on the British players with a 5ft x 3ft Union Jack, our most popular flag size. This flag is perfect to take on the road or to hand from home - either way, it’s ideal for showing support. This medium sized flag is made from high-quality polyester, perfect for letting the blue, white and red stand out from the crowd with ease. If you’re looking for a bigger flag to get your support seen, our 8ft x 5ft giant flag is the ultimate choice, it’s also crafted from polyester for use at Wimbledon events to come!

Wimbledon Union Jack hand waving flags for sale

A hand waving flag is perfect for fitting in your luggage, allowing you to take it to every match easily. Our UK Wimbledon hand waving flags are mounted onto strong 24in wooden sticks, making them strong and tough for waving on your favourite British player. Like all of our other flags, our hand waving flags are also crafted from high-quality polyester, allowing the vivid colours of the patriotic Union Jack to stand out in the huge crowd of fans.

UK Wimbledon bunting

As well as all the trimmings like Pimms and the iconic strawberries and cream, why not decorate your house for the Wimbledon final? Our Union Jack bunting makes the perfect decoration for house and garden parties, giving your home a patriotic touch to help everyone get into the spirit of this age old British tournament. At The Flag Shop, our bunting is made from quality polyester and mounted onto a strong polyester string to ensure longevity and functionality, ideal for using indoors year after year. We have bunting available in 3m with 10 flags, 6m with 20 flags and 9m with 30 flags, so no matter how much of your home you're looking to jazz up for Wimbledon, we have bunting for sale to suit you.

American Wimbledon flags for sale at theflagshop.co.uk

America has produced some of the best-known names in tennis; Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Serena Williams and Venus Williams just to name a few… If you’re looking to support the US when they come over the pond to Wimbledon this summer, make sure you buy a US flag from The Flag Shop to show your support. We have US flags for sale in a variety of sizes, as well as US Wimbledon bunting and US hand waving flags - all perfect ways to show support for the American players taking to the courts.

Other Wimbledon flags available

Although the UK and US are two of the tournament’s biggest competitor nations, there are loads of other countries taking part waiting to be cheered on. Whether you’re supporting Finland, Canada, Greece or any other nation, at The Flag Shop, we have a variety of high-quality polyester flags for sale ready and waiting to help you show your support for your favourite player.