Sporting Events Flags

No sporting event is complete without a resplendent display of vibrant and colourful flags. Support the FIFA World Cup with a selection of international flags for each competing country; wave the iconic black and white chequered flag to make the end of a race, have your favourite football teams name emblazoned across a personalised St George flag, or fly the USA and European Union flags during the Ryder Cup – whatever the sporting occasion, there is a flag to give it an injection of pizzazz!
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  1. USA table flag satin
    USA Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  2. Iran table flag satin
    Iran Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  3. Iceland Table Flag
    Iceland Table Flag Budget
  4. Lithuania Table Flag
    Lithuania Table Flag Budget
  5. Japan Bunting
    Japan Bunting
  6. Puerto Rico Table Flag
    Puerto Rico Table Flag Budget
  7. Singapore Table Flag
    Singapore Table Flag Budget
  8. Slovenia Table Flag
    Slovenia Table Flag Budget
  9. Armenia Table Flag
    Armenia Table Flag Budget
  10. Estonia Table Flag
    Estonia Table Flag Budget
  11. France Bunting
    France Bunting
  12. Germany Bunting
    Germany Bunting
  13. Jamaica Table Flag
    Jamaica Table Flag Budget
  14. Ethiopia Lion Of Judah Bunting
    Ethiopia Lion Of Judah Bunting
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Buy Flags for all types of sporting events at

Looking for a sports flag to show support for your team? Whether it’s football, rugby, golf or the Olympics, we have a massive range of sporting flags available for you to choose from.

Sports flags are great for a whole host of reasons; from showing support for you team by wearing it like a cape at a match, or hanging it from your wall as a decoration, you’ll find a flag for your team at The Flag Shop.

Football flags are our sporting flag best sellers, as football is hands down the most popular sport in the UK. Whether it’s a Manchester City flag or an AC Milan flag, we have loads of flags available in a range of football teams, British and abroad. Our range of flags are typically 5ft x 3ft, perfect for all kinds of occasions. Each is made from the highest quality polyester, meaning you can get loads of support out of your football flag.

Arsenal is one of the biggest teams in the UK; if you’re an Arsenal fan, we have a range of Arsenal flags available to suit you. Each flag contains the club’s logo, featuring the bright red colour the club is famous for. The vivid blue and red colouring of each flag look great printed onto the high quality polyester each Flag Shop product is made from. Buy an Arsenal flag from The Flag Shop now!

We also stock a range of Chelsea flags for sale, each in varying designs. Each flag contains the Chelsea club logo, as well as the date the club was founded, 1905. Each flag is printed in a vivid blue colour, great for showing support for you team.

We also sell a range of England flags, perfect for World Cup and Euro football tournaments. We sell classic St George’s Cross flags as well as flags containing the three lions football logo. We sell England flags in a range of sizes, including 5ft x 3ft and giant 8ft x 5ft designs.

We stock loads of other British team flags, including; Manchester United, Nottingham Forest, Newcastle United, Leeds, Glasgow Rangers and Liverpool.

On top of football flags, we also sell loads of Olympic flag packs, great for a range of events. We sell Olympic flag packs in varying sizes, ranging from 25 flags, 100 flags to 205 flags. These sets are also great for World Cup Tournaments, Euros and Eurovision.

No matter what sport you like or event you’re going to attend, you’ll find a sporting flag for you at The Flag Shop.