Plain Colours Flags

Plain colour flags have a multitude of uses making them one of the most versatile flags we sell. The plain green and red flags used as ‘stop, start markers’ are very popular for competitive races, team building events and kids games. Plain pink flags are an often used choice for charity events, particularly during the ‘Race for Life’ season. A mix of our various plain colour designs (including orange, purple and blue flags) are popular for school sports day events with a different colour for each competing house. These are just a small selection of ways our unprinted flags can be utilised – any event where a splash of vibrant colour is called for, we strongly suggest flying a selection of plain flags.

Plain colours flags give you infinite creative possibilities for customising your marketing campaign, decorating your party, or adding a splash of fun to your venue! Say ‘Stop’ with a bright, bold Plain Red 5 x 3 ft Flag or tell customers you’re ready for business with a stunning Plain Green 5 ft x 3 ft Flag from The Flag Shop’s huge collection!

Get set for Pride events, music festivals, sporting events and more by arming yourself with our great value Plain Colours Flags for every occasion. The Flag Shop’s plain flags are great ways to complete a stylish Royal Wedding theme when you use Plain Blue Hand Waving Flags and Plain White Hand Waving Flags alongside your Union Jack United Kingdom Hand Waving Flag at the changing of the guard! These versatile, lightweight, and super-convenient coloured flags can be stowed conveniently inside your carry-all for bringing along to parades, military shows, and other special Royal events, as well as commemorative occasions such as Remembrance Day and Veteran’s Day shows.

Cheer your child’s team on at school football matches, or back their team at swimming galas with a show of vibrant colour! With The Flag Shop’s Plain Yellow Hand Waving Flag, Plain Purple Hand Waving Flag, and more, why not show your support with a burst of vivid, colourfast dyes? Our Plain Colours Flags are printed on 18 x 12 inches or 45 cm by 30 cm professional templates using no-rip, bleach-proof dyes for maximum visibility on both sides of the playing field. With handy, easy-to-carry wooden sticks measuring a generous 60 cm or 24 inches, these are a great way to show your support in the wind, rain, and all weathers!

Decorate a Pride party or themed sports event in your team’s signature hues with Plain Green Budget Table Flags, Plain Blue Budget Table Flags, and more from The Flag Shop’s collection. These fun-sized tabletop wavers are a customizable way to style thoughtful place markers at weddings or artful centrepieces for dinner celebrations with our optional 2-, 3-, or 4-hole bases. Spanning a cute 6 x 4 inches or 150 mm by 100 mm, these stylish, versatile table ornaments are available in every colour of the rainbow from our huge plain colours flags catalogue, and come with free, rapid shipping to your mainland address. Combine your table flags, hand flags, or classic wavers with different flags of the same size to reduce the total cost of your order and decorate in style and flair!

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  1. Blue Bunting
    Plain Blue Bunting
  2. Red Bunting
    Plain Red Bunting
  3. Black Bunting
    Plain Black Bunting
  4. Plain Red Table Flag Satin
    Plain Red Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  5. Green Bunting
    Plain Green Bunting
  6. Orange Bunting
    Plain Orange Bunting
  7. Pink Bunting
    Plain Pink Bunting
  8. White Bunting
    Plain White Bunting
  9. Yellow Bunting
    Plain Yellow Bunting
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