Bi Pride

Do you want to show your bisexual pride? Now you can with the fantastic collection of Bi Pride flags that we have at The Flag Shop. They all sport the bisexual pride flag design, which was created by Michael Page back in 1998. It has strips of pink, purple and blue, which are vibrant and eye-catching. Now you can choose your favourite flag and have a great time at any event!

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Buy Bi Pride flags at The Flag Shop

Do you want to show your support Bi-pride? Now you can with the Bi Pride 5ft x 3ft flag . This is going to be a great addition to any venue or if you have a flag pole. You can hang this flag up high and be proud! It sports the vibrant colours you would expect and the flag is made from quality polyester material. This is going to make sure that you can use your Bi Pride flag day or night. In addition, there are two metal eyelets to the left edge, which makes it easy to hang your flag from a flagpole.  There are also different sizes available to suit your needs. This includes a smaller 3ft x 2ft flag .

If you are going to a parade or Pride, you will want a flag that you can carry. Well, there is nothing better for the occasion than the Bi Pride Hand Waving Flag . You can wave this flag about and have a lot of fun! The flag measures 18 x 12 inches, with a 24 inch stick attached. This is made from wood and is easy for all ages to hold and have fun with. The flag is also made from polyester, which means you can take it to any event in any weather. What’s more, there are double stitched hems with a mirror image on the reverse, which means everyone will be able to see your flag. Sounds good, right?

Would you like to make your flag unique and different? Well, you have got to check out the Custom Bi Pride Flag . You have the opportunity to create your own personalised flag that you can take anywhere. This means you can choose the text, images and branding that you would like to include over the vibrant bisexual flag colours. There are no limits and it is easy to create your design online. There are different size flags available so that you can find the best one for your event or party. Whether you are going to Pride or just want to create your own decorations, you can make this flag special to you. What’s more, it is fully custom printed from scratch to get it right. It is made in the UK and printed onto professional standard 115 gsm knitted polyester fabric. This means it is colourfast and should be long lasting.

If you want to decorate your desk or any other surface, check out the Bi Pride Table Budget Flag . This is going to brighten up any table and create a fantastic and supportive display. The flag measures 6 x 4 inches, which is a great size, with a height of 12 inches on a black stick that is made from plastic. It can be used with or without the base depending on how you want to display it. Whether it is a table market or a centrepiece, everyone will notice this Bi Pride flag and want to know more.

Do you want to decorate the street or outdoors for Pride? One of the best ways to do this is with colour and the Bi Pride Bunting . This is definitely going to grab everyone’s attention and make the event even better. You can choose from three sizes; three, six and nine metres to suit your needs. This means that you can enjoy between 10, 20 and 30 flags. It is made from quality polyester and sewn on to polyester tape for durable. This bunting is sure to last more than one event, which means you can reuse it anytime you want to. Who doesn’t love the vibrant colours?

There is no better way to show your pride and support in the LGBT community and Bi Pride than with one of our Bi Pride flags from The Flag Shop. As one of the leading flag companies in the UK, we have a fantastic choice of flags that are going to suit every occasion. Check them out today!