VE Day Flags

VE Day Flags

VE Day is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2020 and we will be marking this momentous occasion with our fabulous range of Union Jack flags available as decorative bunting and vibrant hand wavers. As this is such an important occasion in British history we will also be stocking a range of specially made VE Day flags depicting the glorious crowd scenes synonymous with the famous day which will make stunning collector’s items and be ideal for flying at your VE Day events or street parties! So make sure your streets and houses are daubed with striking Union Jacks in all shapes and sizes to set off what is sure to be a truly memorable weekend!

With May 8th 2020 coming up quickly, you might want to get a hold of a VE Day flag to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day! Channel your inner patriot by flying the flag high for the men and women who liberated Europe from tyranny. We at The Flag Shop present crisp, meticulously woven Union Jacks for your inner patriot. Whether you want one on the bonnet of your car, on a pole outside your house, or hanging indoors, we have the product to suit your needs!

With The Flag Shop, you have all your flag needs covered under one virtual roof. Table flags, hand waving flags, pole flags, buntings are just some of the varieties we offer. We have every country in the world as well as a variety of regional flags, and of course, fully customizable flags. Our products are made of high-end material, with options in nylon, polyester, and satin as per your choice, and we offer competitive prices for high-end material that can endure the British weather. What’s more, we offer delivery to several countries, and free delivery to anywhere in England. 

Our shop proudly presents a wide range of Union Jacks. A symbol of unity between the Kingdoms in Great Britain, it has made its mark in the world in the 220 years of its existence. Want to drape one across the wall at your VE Day party? Hang a Union Jack outside as a show of solidarity with the Kingdom in the wake of Brexit? Or maybe put one on your desk at work? Get your choice of flags from The Flag Shop!

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Buy VE Day Flags and Bunting at The Flag Shop

Our popular 5ft X 3ft standard flag is ideal for mounting on a pole or hanging on a wall. Coming with two metal grommets for easy hanging, it is made of durable, long-lasting polyester courtesy of DuraFlag that will help it last over the years even in the difficult British weather. This VE Day flag is also available in an even more patriotic version with the Royal Coat of Arms of Great Britain superimposed on it, and a rope-and-toggle version for easy raising and lowering. 

The ensign is also available in other sizes, such as the smaller 3ft x 2ft (91cm x 61cm) or the giant 8ft x 5ft (243cm x 152cm). The smaller size is ideal if you lack space or have a smaller pole, and the larger is perfect for draping across a wall or raising high into the wind. You can also order these using our multi-buy discounts for same sized products, with diminishing prices depending on the number of products you take.  

For those looking to decorate their office space or study with a dash of love for the country, we recommend the UK Table Flag. A great budget option, this flag measures 6” x 4” (150mm x 100mm) with an overall height of 12”. The flag is made of polyester, and the base and poles are plastic. If you’d rather place it in a pen-stand or have other ways to keep it propper up, the flag can also be used without the base. 

For those wanting to keep a flag flying on the go, our car version of the Union Jack is also very popular. At 16” x 10” (40cm x 25cm), it will be accompanied by a strong plastic clip that’s perfect for flying the flag on the bonnet, window, or roof. This item is also available for bulk purchase, and looks great on motorcades.

If you’re looking for bunting, we have a great collection of Union Jack flags and related products! You can pick our Triangular Bunting, which is 66ft in length and features flags measuring 11.75” x 7.5” (30cm x 19cm). A great shorter alternative is the Red, White And Royal Blue Bunting, which measures 11.3 metres in length and consists of 27 flags - all measuring 8” x 12” (20cm x 30cm). Finally, our Giant UK Flag Bunting is a treat for the eyes against the skies of Britain. Measuring a whopping 18.25 metres in length, the bunting has thirty VE Day Flags/Union Jack flags, each measuring 12” x 18” (45cm x 30cm).

Check out our entire collection of flags before making your choice!