English Counties Flags

Where do you come from in the UK? Love the county you live in? Let others know and share your pride with The Flag Shop’s English Counties Flags from Bedfordshire, Cornwall, Devon, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and more!

The Flag Shop’s English Counties Flags are great for showing off your roots, or showcasing your business as a true local venture. At sports events, they’re a must have for fans, as well as at fairs, farmers markets, outside cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, and schools. With standard-sized, medium and small flags from English Counties, as well as car flags, hand flags, bunting, table flags and more, The Flag Shop has everything you could possibly want to wave at your local venue or next regional event.

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  1. Worcestershire Table Flag
    Worcestershire Table Flag Budget
  2. North Riding table flag
    North Riding Table Flag Budget
  3. Oxfordshire table flag
    Oxfordshire Table Flag Budget
  4. Northamptonshire table flag
    Northamptonshire Table Flag Budget
  5. Nottinghamshire table flag
    Nottinghamshire Table Flag Budget
  6. Shropshire table flag
    Shropshire Table Flag Budget
  7. Herefordshire Table Flag
    Herefordshire Table Flag Budget
  8. Lancashire Old Table Flag
    Lancashire Old Table Flag Budget
  9. Buckinghamshire Table Flag
    Buckinghamshire Table Flag Budget
  10. East Riding Table Flag
    East Riding Table Flag Budget
  11. East Sussex Table Flag
    East Sussex Table Flag Budget
  12. Lincolnshire Table Flag
    Lincolnshire Table Flag Budget
  13. West Sussex Table Flag
    West Sussex Table Flag Budget
  14. Berkshire Table Flag
    Berkshire Table Flag Budget
  15. Lancashire (Old) County Flag
    Lancashire (Old) County Flag
    Price Low as: £6.98
  16. Wiltshire Flag Bunting
    Wiltshire Flag Bunting
  17. Middlesex Flag Bunting
    Middlesex Flag Bunting
  18. Cheshire Bunting
    Cheshire Bunting
  19. East Sussex Bunting
    East Sussex Bunting
  20. South Yorkshire Bunting
    South Yorkshire Bunting (Unofficial)
  21. Tyne & Wear Flag Bunting
    Tyne & Wear Flag Bunting
  22. Berkshire Flag Bunting
    Berkshire Flag Bunting
  23. Cambridgeshire Flag Bunting
    Cambridgeshire Flag Bunting
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English Counties Flags available at The Flag Shop </h2>

Display the white rose in its full glory - The Flag Shop’s standard Yorkshire Flag features a show-stopping, crisp and sharp design on a baby blue template of high-grade material. Printed using top-quality resolution photo techniques onto hard-wearing polyester fabric, a standard Yorkshire Flag measures 3 feet by 5 feet and fits perfectly with all flag poles. Your Yorkshire Flag is a fantastic way to show customers that you sell local products, or that they can expect true Yorkshire puddings from your English Breakfasts, whether that’s at home, in your cafe, or from your hotel! If you’re headed to a sports event, support your local team - Yorkshire Flags from The Flag Shop are printed using fade-proof colour ink and reinforced with polyester stitching so they won’t tatter or lose their sharpness when flown out of doors.

Head to your next march, rally, party, or festival with a Yorkshire Hand Waving Flag, a lightweight and easy-to-pack essential for every attendee or fan! These Yorkshire Hand Flags are beautiful at carnivals, sports events, and music festivals and measure 18 by 12 inches (45 cm by 30 cm) to ensure you make an impact. Our Yorkshire Hand Waving Flag comes complete with a convenient wooden stick, 4 inches or 60 cm long and one-third of an inch (9 mm) in diameter - simply start waving to cheer on your favourite football team or help your friends find your tent at a festival. Crafted from hardy polyester with double stitched hems, these English Counties Flags have a mirror image on the reverse for viewing from both sides.

Hail from the South West? The Flag Shop’s beautiful Cornwall Flag can be delivered quickly to your office, home, or business address for free on the UK Mainland. Sharp black and white photo-resolution dyes make this Saint Piran's Flag stand out, while a double-sided flag ensures visibility is great from all angles - a perfect advertising or promotional accessory! The Cornish Flag can be ordered from The Flag Shop in 243 cm x 152 cm, 5 ft by 3 ft, 152 cm by 91 cm, 3 ft by 2 ft, and 91 cm by 61 cm designs or a giant 8 ft x 5 ft for incredible impact.

All of The Flag Shop’s English Counties Flags can be mixed and matched to make your budget go even further! With our Multi Buy discounts, all designs of the same size come at a lower cost when you order in bulk. Why not order multiple flags for your large venue, or whole group of event attendees? The Flag Shop’s Multi Buy discount is ideal for promotional marketing, both as giveaways and at sports tournaments where several teams compete.

Add some style to your next dinner with a Suffolk Table Flag, and upgrade your themed event with golden crowns and crossed arrows, set on deep blue and printed in vivid colours. The Flag Shop Suffolk Table Flag is cost-effective, yet durable with polyester templates and a great adornment for office desktops, cashier’s counters, cafe tables, and beer gardens. Use these as wedding place markers, party decorations, at corporate dinners, or to inject some fun to your workspace. Measuring a convenient 6 x 4 inches or 150 mm by 100 mm and standing 12 inches or 30 cm high, all our English Counties Table Flags can be ordered with an easily-assembled plastic base or as is. 

Find your Yorkshire, Northumberland, Lincolnshire, Suffolk, Cornwall, and other English Counties Flags at The Flag Shop today to enjoy speedy shipping, VAT free prices, multi buy offers when you’re getting ready for your next event!