British and Irish Flags

Buy UK flags and British flags from our extensive range of home countries designs. Choose from Channel Islands flags including Jersey and Guernsey, to Manx flags displaying the iconic triskelion symbol, to the good old Union Jack, Welsh Dragon and Scottish Saltire of St Andrew. We have flags for all English counties including Yorkshire and Northumberland, plus the colours for Scottish Islands & the county colours of Wales such as Pembrokeshire & Merionethshire. Be proud of where you come from and fly your colours in vibrant style with a bold British flag from The Flag Shop!

Whether it’s for a party, a rally, celebration, or a sporting event, a vibrant flag is the ideal way of expressing yourself and making your experience more memorable. We carry a gigantic assortment of UK Flags here at The Flag Shop which are perfect for grabbing some attention, showing off your undying support, and securing you some photo-worthy moments at the same time. With our sizeable choice of options, we offer flags of the UK for every momentous occasion!

Our Flags of the UK collection kicks off with classic Union Jack flags in your selection of sizes and durable materials. If a standard 5 by 3 foot Union Jack flag is what you’re searching for, we sell individual flags as well as larger quantities for bigger events. Order 5, 10, 24, or more to save when buying in bulk for that school activity, and enjoy discounted rates for large-quantity purchases. Made from robust polyester weave and printed with vivid red, white, and blue, the Union Jack is the unique combination of numerous national crosses that we have come to know and love. If vibrant colours are what you’re after, this flag includes the red Irish St Patricks flag saltire, St Andrew saltire for Scotland, and St George’s cross for England.

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  1. Union Jack bunting
    Union Jack, Great Britain Bunting
  2. Union Jack table flag satin
    Union Jack Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  3. Custom Union Jack Flag
    Custom Union Jack Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  4. Lincolnshire Flag
    Lincolnshire Flag
    Price Low as: £6.98
  5. Scotland Bunting
    Scotland St Andrew Bunting
  6. Cornwall Table Flag
    Cornwall Table Flag Budget
  7. Northumberland County Flag
    Northumberland County Flag
    Price Low as: £6.98
  8. Union Jack Crest Table Flag
    Union Jack Crest Table Flag Budget
  9. Northumberland Bunting
    Northumberland Bunting
  10. Sussex Bunting
    Sussex Bunting
  11. Devon Flag
    Devon Flag
    Price Low as: £6.98
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Flags of the UK/UK Flags available at The Flag Shop

For meetings, parties, and pub events, our Union Jack Table Flags are a perfect budget solution. These are an economical choice for bringing instant life and colour to a room and can easily be placed on tables, bars, or even desks to create a festive setting. At 6 x 4 inches (150mm x 100 mm) small, they are lightweight and a fitting accompaniment to our Union Jack Hand Flags if you’re hosting a get-together - even just watching the football! The Flag Shop hand-waving UK flags come in packs of 12 and are compact if you’re headed overseas for a sports match or a rally.

Our Flags of the UK also includes Scotland Flag in stunningly clear, bright tones; the Welsh Flag for waving at those many rugby tournaments, Ireland Tri Colour Hand Waving Flags, and more in a selection of different formats. We can supply you with car flags for when you’re on the move, standard flags for your home, garden, or shop, and even Customised Union Jacks if you’d like to make a truly unique statement. Our custom printed flags allow you to quickly and easily upload your own icons, artwork, logos, and designs so that you can advertise your business or just show your allegiance!

When it comes to different counties, The Flag Shop is your go-to supplier for English county flags! We have flags of the UK for South Yorkshire, Suffolk, Cumberland, Cornwall, Essex, and more in our considerable array, as well as Exmoor, Gloucestershire, Lancashire, Hampshire, Kent, Herefordshire, and Huntingdonshire ensigns. You name it, we’ve got it - we’re your top supplier of UK flags!

So what type of flag are you after? It’s impossible to go wrong with The Flag Shop’s collection of resilient DuraFlags, Standard flags, and Bunting which comes in 3, 6, 9, 18, or 20 metre lengths. We’ll also provide you with your choice of 3ft x 2ft, 5ft x 3ft, 8ft x 5ft, 40cm x 25cm, 22cm x 15cm, 3ft x 8ft, 45cm x 30cm, and 6ft x 3ft  options for all different occasions - you’ll have a tough time finding more choice anywhere else online when it comes to your Flags of the UK! 

As you know at The Flag Shop we don't just sell flags! Our online store also boasts a growing assortment of accessories, pieces, and parts to ensure that your colours get the visibility they deserve. Alongside our UK flags, we stock, sell, supply, and deliver flag poles and parts in various materials and a range of sizes to complete your look. Choose from Hand-Held and Wall Mounted flag poles for rallies, sports galas, and businesses, or Pole Stakes, Festival Poles, and Aluminium Poles for when you’re heading out. With all our many Windsocks & Windspinners, your business can also be well-prepared for any large event when it rolls around - you’ll be impossible to miss!

If we can help you choose the perfect flags for your event, please let us know - we at The Flag Shop are here and ready to help you get waving!