English Counties Bunting

Add some punch to your promotional campaign and broadcast your roots with English Counties Bunting! The Flag Shop has the largest, most diverse range of exciting bunting in giant and regular sizes. Find your Sussex, Cambridgeshire, Lancashire, Durham, Cornwall, Kent, and Hampshire flags in our gigantic selection or browse our English Counties Flags bunting to show the world where your heart lies.

The Flag Shop’s English Counties Bunting  features high-quality, great-value adornments for parties, festivals, football matches, and advertising. With photo-quality resolution and colourfast, weatherproof bunting for Worcestershire, East Anglia, Suffolk, Somerset, and more, there’s never been an easier way to make your home or business pop. Bunting of English Counties is shipped for free to mainland UK businesses in a few working days and can be ordered in 3-metre, 6-metre, 9-metre, or a whopping 18-metre lengths!

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English Counties Bunting available at The Flag Shop

Giant St George Bunting is the best way to cheer on your national team at the World Cup, Euro 2020, Olympics, Premier League, or Commonwealth Games. Featuring 30 eye-popping 45 cm by 30 cm (roughly 18 by 12 inch) flags reinforced with strong polyester tape on a bumper-sized 18.25-metre strand, this is a show-stopping way to kick your advertising up a notch. This huge English flag bunting shows the St George’s Cross in vibrant red against a flawless white background and all colours are designed to withstand the bleaching effects of sunlight and rain. Designed with the Great British weather in mind, each impressive pennant is printed on knitted, high-grade polyester for the longest life possible without any risk of frays, tearing, or weather damage. Decorate your sports bar, footy club, local pub, or school in amazing colours to get the crowd excited in time for your next national day or big sports event!

Sussex bunting is the only way to fly the blue and yellow and support your local team! This beautiful design features gorgeous golden martlets on flawless navy in full high-resolution prints for an unmissable display of county pride. 3-metre or 9.8-foot lengths Sussex bunting is ideal for families, parties, and teams decorating indoor rooms in the office or home, and each pennant is reinforced with fabric tape for an easy hang-up. With 6-metre or 19.5-foot bunting, decorating entire shop fronts, tea gardens, balconies, and parade routes becomes a breeze. Sussex flag bunting includes VAT and The Flag Shop provides speed UK mainland shipping free of charge for all your orders.

Sunny gold and crisp crimson make your Giant Lancashire Bunting stand out from the crowd, while full-detail prints and beautiful contrasts make this best-value bunting a surefire way to show off your English heritage. Bring your business to life and draw in clients with a whopping 60-ft display of the red rose outside your hotel or pub, and add a seal of authenticity to Lancastrian wares with this head-turning show of 45 cm by 30 cm (18 x 12 inch) pennants. Adorn your shop facade and encourage your local football team with this giant bunting, shippable anywhere in the world for instant pizzaz.

With Cambridgeshire bunting, everyone will know where your heart belongs! This English Counties bunting uses vivid dark blue for a stunning background with the quintessential three crowns in clear gold for immediate impact. Supporting your rugby team, cheering your swim squad to success, or setting spirits high at your next sponsored event has never been so easy. Cambridgeshire flag bunting can be ordered in 9-metre or 3-metre lengths to suit your decorating needs, and features your choice of 10 or a full 30 flags. 

Celebrate your Kentish roots with Kent Bunting, available in convenient 3-metre, fun 6-metre, or impactful 9-metre strands for quick UK-wide delivery. Each durable pennant on this fun, durable, bunting can be used outdoors without tearing or fading, so your designs stay sharp in full-resolution crispness through all weathers. Quick to hang, Kent Bunting is perfect to use time and again at important events, holidays, festivals, and county fairs. Hang this English Counties Flag bunting to promote your local restaurant or tourist attraction, or inject some excitement into your party. Show your friends where you live, or make your business stand out from the crowd with a high-impact display of the red and white!

English Counties bunting is available now for speedy UK-wide delivery to all mainland business and home addresses - here at The Flag Shop!