British Flag Bunting

British Flag Bunting is a great way to get into the spirit of any celebration, protest, party, or commemorative event, as well as a festive way to add colour and life to your venue on public holidays such as St George’s Day, Remembrance Day, and more. Here at The Flag Shop, we print and deliver many different British Flag types as gorgeous, festive bunting strings that you can hang in any outdoor or internal venue all year round!

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  1. Herefordshire Bunting
    Herefordshire Bunting
  2. Huntingdonshire Flag Bunting
    Huntingdonshire Flag Bunting
  3. Leicestershire Flag Bunting
    Leicestershire Flag Bunting
  4. Oxfordshire Flag Bunting
    Oxfordshire Flag Bunting
  5. West Sussex Bunting
    West Sussex Bunting
  6. Ulster Bunting
    Ulster Bunting
  7. Staffordshire Flag Bunting
    Staffordshire Flag Bunting
  8. Northern Ireland Bunting
    Northern Ireland Bunting
  9. Yorkshire bunting
    Yorkshire Rose Bunting
  10. Shamrock Bunting
    Shamrock Bunting
  11. European Union bunting
    European Union Eu Bunting
  12. Alderney Bunting
    Alderney Flag Bunting
  13. Birmingham Bunting
    Birmingham Flag Bunting
  14. Ireland 4 Provinces Bunting
    Ireland 4 Provinces Bunting
  15. Erin Go Bragh Bunting
    Erin Go Bragh Bunting
  16. Connacht Bunting
    Connacht Bunting
  17. Leinster Bunting
    Leinster Bunting
  18. Munster Bunting
    Munster Bunting
  19. Richard The Lionheart Bunting
    Richard The Lionheart Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  20. St Patricks Cross Bunting
    St Patricks Cross Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
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British Flag Bunting available at The Flag Shop

Great Britain Union Jack Bunting is a versatile bestseller that features at Royal Weddings, Royal Births, St George’s Day, and Remembrance Sunday events across the nation. At sports and sponsored events, in schools, shops, offices, and even streetside, this classic British Flag Bunting is great for any occasion. Featuring the United Kingdom’s Union Jack in bold red, navy blue, and crisp white high resolution printed imagery, our Union Jack Bunting comes in 3 metre or 9.8 ft, 6 metre or 19.8ft, and 9 metre or 30 foot lengths. Longer lengths are amazing for strewing across larger outdoor spaces such as town halls, community parks, along parade routes, and across the street for open air parties. Shorter 3 metre bunting contains 10 flags and can be an ideal adornment for shop fronts, inside shopping centres, or in the classroom on special occasions. With 10, 20, and 30 flag options available, there’s a British Union Jack Flag Bunting for every venue size, and each flag is colourfast against the British weather for year-after-year guaranteed use without fading.

If you’re after upsizing your impact, our Giant Union Jack Bunting is the way to go, and our Giant St George England Bunting is another popular choice. The Flag Shop’s giant bunting spans a huge 18.25 metres across (60 feet), and includes 30 vibrant flags of a massive 45 cm by 30 cm (12 inches by 18 inches. Perfect for celebrating sports events such as The Olympics, Premier League, Euro 2020, or World Cup, giant British Flag Bunting is designed specifically to last without tattering or falling apart with repeated outdoor use. Make sure your bunting says it loud and clear for you, so you can show your patriotism with pride.

The Flag Shop is also where you’ll find your Giant St Andrew’s Flag Bunting for those with Scottish pride, and we sell Giant Lancashire Bunting, as well as a huge selection of English County, UK County Flags, and British Isles Flags. Our Guernsey Bunting,Gloucestershire Flag Bunting, Glamorgan Flag Bunting, Kent Flag Bunting and Cambridgeshire Flag Bunting are superb ways to show off where you’re from and are beautiful at county fairs, village markets, in town squares, and more. Farmers and Sunday markets, school sporting events, and local football clubs all become festive in moments with these unique British Flag Bunting lengths in 3 metre (9.8 ft), 6 metre (19.5 ft), or 9 metre (30 foot) lengths. Each flag is 150 mm x 230 mm in size and crafted from high-quality polyester with photo-quality printing and can be shipped free and fast to your door.

Themed events, fundraisers, galas, and meets all get extra fun with unique Union Jack triangular bunting, for something a little different! Spanning a huge 66 feet or 20 metres in length, The Flag Shop’s Union Jack Triangular Bunting helps you decorate in style on a budget! Each printed using vivid colours for excellent visibility, this bunting features 50 bright and colourful polyester flags, each of which measures roughly 11.75 by 7.5 inches, or 30 cm by 19 cm. Add some flair and national spirit to your outdoor venue, street, parade, march, rally, or demonstration with this great value British Bunting when you order in bulk, and you can enjoy The Flag Shop’s discounts for larger quantity orders.

All the flag poles and parts required to maximise your visibility are here in our full The Flag Shop collection of flag accessories. Whether you’re looking for a telescoping flag pole, a flag bungee, portable bag for storage, or parts and pieces for customising your ensign, we ship and deliver compatible accessories worldwide, as well as offering speedy, VAT free and UK-wide shipping. Carry your hand flags between events or pack your giant festival flags safely in the bar boot with everything you need for your flag collection!