Euro 2024 Football Flags

The Flag Shop’s Euro 2024 Football Flags range is full of your favourite nations’ flags for backing your team as you scream out your support. With Germany Flags, France Flags, and flags for joint third favourites Spain, Italy, Belgium and England, you can make a bright, bold impact from kick-off to the final match! 

After a nail-biting finals at Euro 2020, England are among the top preliminary favourites for Euro 2024. With the next Euros set to kick off in Germany, it’s time to ready your Euro 2024 Football flags for backing the Lions! With The Flag Shop’s England Flags, you’ve got all the essentials for a dazzlingly patriotic Euros screening at home, or for waving the Lions onto a win in the streets, bars, or stadium. 

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  1. England Table Flag
    England St George Table Flag Budget
  2. St George Cross Bunting
    England St George Cross Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  3. Custom England Flag
    Custom England Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  4. England Charger (Rose/Lion) Flag
    England Charger (Rose/Lion) Flag
    Price Low as: £6.98
  5. Sewn Welsh Dragon flag
    26% OFF      
    Wales Flag - Sewn
    Price Low as: £25.95
  6. St George Cross table flag satin
    England St George Table Flag Satin
    Price Low as: £5.45
  7. England White Dragon Table Flag
    England White Dragon Table Flag Budget
  8. Custom Sweden Flag
    Custom Sweden Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
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With our St George England Flag 5ft x 3ft, your local, community football club, or sports bar can be turned into a hotspot for England fans to watch the match. If you’re screening the Euros live, make sure your fans know where to tune in! Our standard 45 cm by 30 cm St George England Flags show off the St George’s Cross in bright, crisp red and white, and can be flown from any shop front, balcony, or flagpole from two convenient metal grommets. Printed on durable polyester weave that withstands the sun, wind, and even the British rain, our St George England Flags make the perfect show of national pride alongside our Budget England St George Table Flags for beer gardens, restaurants, hotels, cafes, classrooms, meetings, and even the office!

>Backing Germany as your preliminary favourite for the Euros in 2024? With The Flag Shop’s Germany Hand Waving Flag, you can show off the red, gold, and black as you cheer them on from the stands! Hand waving flags like our Germany hand wavers are must-have Euro 2024 football flags for fans everywhere - lightweight, vivid, and fun, they’re a high-visibility way to make the biggest possible impact wherever you are! If you’re roaring your support from a live match, our super sharp Germany Hand Waving Flag is 45 cm by 60 cm (18 inches by 12 inches) and features the official German flag in weatherproof professional dyes. Printed onto tear-resistant 115 gsm polyester, these flags come with a 60 cm wooden stick for waving your flag at parties, live screenings, or on the street as you celebrate your team moving forward!

Standing behind France for the big tournament? Check out the huge array of France flags in our Euro 2024 Football Flags collection! A brilliant Tricolore display is easy to create with The Flag Shop’s France Bunting, which comes in a range of lengths and designs. Our short 3-metre (9.8 ft) national French bunting is perfect for decorating your balcony as fans go by, while those wanting to make a bigger, bolder splash will love our 9 ft (30 m) bunting for courtyards, football fields, classrooms, and inside your business while you screen the Euros. Printed using The Flag Shop’s special colourfast dyes, our France bunting doesn’t run or bleach and can be used outdoors or indoors - wherever you’re tuning into the Euros!

Lucky enough to watch the match in person in Germany in 2024? Our huge selection of Euro 2024 Football Flags includes vividly coloured gold and red flags for backing Spain, durable Holland/Netherlands Flags, Belgium flags, Italy flags, and bunting in all kinds of lengths. With our Euro flags collection of hand flags, table flags, car flags, and more, you can join in the fun from anywhere in the world. The Flag Shop offers free UK delivery on all our bright, vibrant flags, and international delivery for fans on the go. With our Multi-Buy Discount, you can save even more by ordering all your favourite Euro team flags in bigger quantities.

If you’re not picking a side but want a slice of the action, make sure you’ve got Europe Flag Bunting to show off all the competing nations and get in the footy spirit! Featuring 28 flags for each European Union member, this 150 mm x 230 mm bunting can get your business, home, or sports club ready for a fun and exciting 2024 Euro championship!