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England Euro 2020 Football Flags

This summer, English football supporters will be ready for action, anticipating the second-greatest prize in international football. In June, England will get another chance to end their 54 year trophy drought, so if you’re a fan, it’s certain that you will be eager to show your support for your team by attending matches wearing patriotic merchandise and waving the English flag. We suggest you do so with our awesome Euro 2020 England Flag

The Flag Shop is your one-stop online shop where you can choose from a broad variety of international flags, including the official St George cross and other historical England flags. We’ve also got a whole stock of different regional flags available, and if you want to design a new flag; we’ve made it super simple to create custom flags with your own designs, logos, and emblems. Our flags come in all shapes and sizes - from small hand waving flags or table flags to huge, banner-size ones meant to be hung on buildings and walls. We’ve also given you a lovely choice of different materials such as polyester, nylon, and satin. If that’s not impressive enough, all our flags are competitively priced with great discounts when you buy in bulk for your friends -and we even provide delivery services free of charge within 2-5 working days in England, as well as overseas. 

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  1. England Table Flag
    England St George Table Flag Budget
  2. St George Cross Bunting
    England St George Cross Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  3. Old England Historic, Three Lions, (Richard The Lionheart) Flag
    Old England Historic, Three Lions, (Richard The Lionheart) Flag
    Price Low as: £6.98
  4. England Charger (Rose/Lion) Flag
    England Charger (Rose/Lion) Flag
    Price Low as: £6.98
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England Euro 2020 Football Flags available at The Flag Shop

Our popular 3ft x 2ft St. George cross is made from the highest quality polyester, and is a great fit for any fan. You can also go bigger with the 5ft x 3ft variant, or stand out from the crowd with the 8ft x 5ft. These flags also come with 2 eyelets for easy hanging on a pole or wall. And if those flags are too big for your taste, you can choose the smaller 18” x 12” hand waving England flag, which comes on a wooden stick, or the even smaller 8.4” x 6” England flag which comes in an economical pack of 12.

If you want to make the Euro 2020 feel more festive, our giant England St. George bunting fits the occasion perfectly. This Euro 2020 England Flag measures a massive 60 feet, and has 30 flags. Plus, these aren’t your ordinary bunting flags as each of them measures 12” x 18” with their vivid colors printed on polyester.

Nothing highlights the occasion of Euro 2020 better than planting your favourite England flag on your car. Measuring 10” x 16”, it also comes with a plastic stick and an attachment clip for easy attachment to car windows. There’s also the Official FA licensed England flags which come in an economical pack of two with the same clips. These flags are both double sided.

England has a long proud history, with the St. George cross being officially adopted as the England flag in 1277. If you are feeling particularly historic, the flag of Richard The Lionhearted with three lions printed on a red background is also available in 3ft x 2ft size. There’s also flags available with two lions and four lions in several sizes. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will appreciate the England Charger and the White Dragon printed over a red background flag.

If you want to let your excitement and support for Euro 2020 be known at the office, then you’ve come to the right place. The Flag Shop has got you covered with its variety of table flags which you can install at your office desk, in the conference room, or at a table at your office party - see our 6” x 4” Polyester Euro 2020 England Flag option with a plastic base for one great example. If you want something bolder and sophisticated, the bigger 9” x 6” option is made from satin with a chrome base, and boasts an extendable telescopic pole.

If you like your flags personalized, look no further than the hand sewn England flag measuring 5ft x 3ft. It’s made of higher quality nylon and is fit for hanging on a wall or used with a rope and toggle. We present you with various options so you can print your own fully customizable England flag with sizes as big as 16ft x 10ft available at the Flag Shop.

For further information regarding the variety, sizes, and prices of all the flags you want to buy for Euro 2020, visit our shop today!