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Looking for flag bunting to brighten up your party, celebration or event? Here at The Flag Shop we have a massive range of designs to choose form including World flag bunting with over 250 countries to choose from, military flag bunting including the British Army and Naval white Ensign, and plain bunting in a variety of colours.
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  1. France Bunting
    France Bunting
  2. Union Jack bunting
    Union Jack, Great Britain Bunting
  3. Lest We Forget Bunting
    Lest We Forget Poppy Bunting
  4. Russia Bunting
    Russian Bunting
  5. Poland Bunting
    Poland Bunting
  6. Bavaria Bunting
    Bavaria Flag Bunting
  7. Christmas Bunting
    Christmas Bunting
  8. Romania Bunting
    Romania Bunting
  9. Latvia Bunting
    Latvia Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  10. Bulgaria Bunting
    Bulgaria Bunting
  11. Ireland Bunting
    Ireland Bunting
  12. Christmas Bunting
    24% OFF      
    Christmas Bunting **
    PRICE £12.95 WAS £16.99
  13. Ethiopia Lion Of Judah Bunting
    Ethiopia Lion Of Judah Bunting
  14. White Ensign Bunting
    White Ensign Bunting
  15. Kenya Bunting
    Kenya Bunting
  16. Pakistan Bunting
    Pakistan Bunting
  17. India Bunting
    India Bunting
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