Buy Portable Football Flags

Keen as can be for the next kick-off? Live your life for footy? Let the world know it by showing your favourite team’s colours on a vibrant flag! If you’re always up for a great match, and are looking for a way to get others around you just as excited, look no further – here at The Flag Shop, you can buy portable football flags to take with you anywhere!

The Flag Shop’s massive collection of portable flags includes a huge host of gorgeous, exciting, and vibrantly-coloured football flags in all shapes and all sizes. For big and small matches alike, as well as local club games, charity tournaments, and more, we’ve got hand flags, table flags, and car flags to suit your needs. Our amazing value, super-quality footy wavers also come with speedy and affordable – or free! - shipping, so there’s no reason not to check out our portable football flags here today!

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Buy Portable Football Flags at The Flag Shop

Don’t know where to start? Our Union Jack Great Britain Car Flag is a must-have for every die-hard English football fan. Perfect for international tournaments, as well as for Euro 2020 and the Premier League, these nifty polyester flags can easily be displayed from your car window, showing off your red, white, and blue to everyone you pass. If you’re headed to a big match, or a live pub screening, your national footy pride will be spottable from miles away . 

This Union Jack UK Car Flag is made from hard-wearing 1150gsm knitted polyester that doesn’t rip, weather, or pale in the British weather, and uses vivid, life-like, photo-resolution quality prints. A  sturdy window clip secures this 10 inch x 16 inch (25 cm by 40 cm) flag to your car, and it comes with a convenient, lightweight sturdy pole as standard.

In our catalogue, you’ll also find a comprehensive array of World Country Table Flags that you can use to support your favourite national team. The Union Jack Budget Table Flag is a best-seller, and easy to set up and use with or without a plastic base. Spanning 6 x 4 inches (15 cm x 10 cm) and standing 12 inches (30 cm) tall, our UK Budget Table Flags are quirky, entertaining placemarkers for your next footy do! Looking to buy portable football flags for other nations as table markers? Why not check out our Budget USA Table Flag  for the next World Cup, our or Budget France  and Budget Italy Table Flags for Euro 2020? 

On the hunt to buy portable football flags that you can pack, carry, and wave in person? Why not look at our beautiful World Countries Hand Flags? Heading to a fellow fan’s place for a pre- or post-game session has never been funner than it is with your favourite team’s colours in hand! 

The Flag Shop’s European Union EU Hand Waving Flag is an essential accessory for every avid football fan this season, and sure to get great use throughout Euro 2020. It’s deep blue, and eye-catching yellow weathersafe colours make this EU hand waver stand out crystal clear and won’t fade on exposure to sunlight, rain, or wind. If there are cameras wherever you’re heading, you’re sure to be spotted and may even make a TV appearance!

Our EU hand flags come fully equipped with a lightweight stick measuring 24 inches (60 cm), and your knitted polyester flag will measure 12 by 18 inches (30 cm by 45 cm)  for easy transport and optimal visibility. You're guaranteed to make a splash at kick-off, or post-game festivities. They come with a handy 9 mm wooden stick and are printed in vivid, vibrant, fade-proof polyester with clear and weather-resistant ink. Ideal through all seasons and matches, year after year.

Wherever you are when that next match rolls around, The Flag Shop has you covered. With our fast, convenient, and free mainland UK delivery, you’ll never have to be without your favourite football flag. If you’re overseas, we ship and deliver to countries across the world, so you can even buy portable football flags on the hop. With an array of different standard, large, small, and customisable footy wavers right here, you’ve got everything you need for the next exciting game, right at your fingertips!