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Are you looking for a fantastic way to express your national pride? A stylish and well-made British flag is absolutely a great way to do exactly this and at The Flag Shop, you can buy British and Irish flags of the highest quality in a vast range of different sizes. Whatever your reason for wanting to display the British flags, we have a huge range available to ensure you can do so in style.

At The Flag Shop, we offer a massive selection of lightweight British hand waving flags, British car flags, cheerful bunting, and tasteful British table flags for every indoor and outdoor occasion.

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  1. Union Jack Table Flag
    Union Jack Table Flag Budget
  2. Scotland table flag
    Scotland Table Flag Budget
  3. England Table Flag
    England St George Table Flag Budget
  4. Wales Bunting
    Wales, Welsh Dragon Bunting
  5. St George Cross Bunting
    England St George Cross Bunting
    Price Low as: £7.95
  6. Custom Scotland Flag
    Custom Scotland Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  7. Custom England Flag
    Custom England Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  8. Wales Table Flag
    Wales Table Flag Budget
  9. Ireland Table Flag
    Ireland Table Flag Budget
  10. Cornwall | Cornish Flag
    Cornwall | Cornish Flag
    Price Low as: £6.98
  11. Lincolnshire Bunting
    Lincolnshire Bunting
  12. Custom Ireland Flag
    Custom Ireland Flag
    Price Low as: £16.95
  13. Cornwall Bunting
    Cornwall Bunting
  14. Lancashire Table Flag
    Lancashire Table Flag Budget
  15. RAF Table Flag
    RAF Table Flag Budget
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Buy British Flags

If you’re hoping to buy British flags for your home or office, we have a diverse array of Union Jack flags in lots of different sizes, starting from a smaller 3ft x 2ft option. We also offer giant flags of 8ft x 5ft and our bestselling classic of 5ft x 3ft. The Flag Shop stocks flag options in durable polyester, nylon and even satin for special purposes, giving you the many different choices when you buy British flags at The Flag Shop. Let’s not forget the other home countries than make Britain Great - We are proud to offer a range of Scotland flags, Northern Ireland flags & Welsh flags in addition to the English classic St. George’s Cross flags.

Our British table flags are lightweight but sturdy, so they can make an ideal desk fitting at work or in your place of business. Choose from our wide range of English counties table flags if you’re hosting a themed party or event or want to proudly decorate your desk! You will be spoiled for choice with our Yorkshire, Devon, Cornwall or Lancashire designs, to name just a few. When you buy British flags from our online store, our table flag array includes the St George flag, and a whole range of British Isles table flags including the Isle of Man, Jersey, and Guernsey flags.

If you are hoping to buy British flags to support your favourite national team, we boast a wide diversity of festive bunting for the outside of your house or shop, alongside an extensive catalogue of British football club flags such as our Manchester United FC flags, Celtic FC flags,  Liverpool FC flags, and Leeds United FC flags. Even if you’re hoarse from cheering, your colourful flag will continue to show your support for you!

Should you be looking to buy British military flags or to buy British remembrance Day flags for an event, we both stock and custom-print a whole host of tasteful hand waving and standard flags that are perfect for showing your pride, support, and respect. Our British military flag selection features a wide variety of ways for you to show your support for our Armed forces. In a similar vein, we offer many Lest We Forget poppy designs so that you can buy British flags and bunting to commemorate our fallen.

Whether you are heading to a gay pride event or would like to express your support for the LGBT community elsewhere, we offer many options for you to buy British flags that will do just the trick. Our Union Jack rainbow bunting is also an eye-catching way to add the iconic pride colours to your own garden, event, or festival. We have a classic 5ft x 3ft rainbow Union Jack rainbow flag, too, so you can proudly show your support at any pride event or outside any building.

Our custom printed flag service should be just what you need if you are hoping to buy British flags that we haven’t already featured. As our custom printed flags are made from resilient 115gsm knitted polyester, they are durable and don’t get easily weathered. Our custom Union Jack flags, custom Scotland flags, custom Northern Ireland flags & custom Wales flags give you the freedom to add your own logos, photos, or artwork as you see fit and are a great way to stand out from the crowd at festivals and fundraising events. We also offer international shipping options so that you can express your Britishness wherever you are! If you are attending an international event and would like hand flags or a flag pack to take with you, The Flag Shop will have you covered!  Likewise, we stock a wide range of flagpoles and parts, so you can select from wall mounts, windsocks, wind spinners, pole stakes, and many more accessories when you buy British flags at The Flag Shop.