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Do you want your marketing campaigns to make more of an impact? Hoping to maximise the ‘wow’ factor of your promotions? If your company is looking for exciting, engaging new ways to convert, retain, and impress new clients, look no further than The Flag Shop’s amazing range of great-quality, superb-value advertising flags for your next promotion!

With our fast, free delivery options and extensive template selection, you’ve never been in a better place to buy advertising flags. The Flag Shop specialises in printing vivid, durable portrait flags, teardrop flags, and feather flags that can feature your firm’s exclusive designs in a few simple, do-it-yourself steps. We offer a simple uploader software here on our site, as well as different sizes and shapes for you to pick from, so it’s never been quicker or more stress-free to buy advertising flags that are truly your own.

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Buy Advertising Flags at The Flag Shop

Portrait flags such as our 2-metre portrait flag are a truly versatile medium for your organisation’s best advertising efforts. Whenever you’ve got pictures to show off to your clients - when words just won’t cut it! - we recommend these affordable, convenient wavers to seal the deal. Showing off your artwork can be a truly impactful way to ensure that your products, services, and contact information aren’t easily forgotten, and our templates offer plenty of space for you to include more than one image. The Flag Shop’s 2-metre portrait advertising flags stand 2 metres high and come with a lightweight, robust pole as well as a packable aluminium frame and 700 mm by 1700 mm print area for your pictures. Some of the more popular ways to get the most for your advertising space include uploading your company's special logotype for instant memorability, and using your brand’ signature colours!

We also have professional, yet attention-grabbing 3-metre tall portrait advertising flags that can easily take pride of place outside your shop, warehouse, or cafe. Catch those pedestrians and invite them in with a beckoning wave! For larger advertising requirements, we highly recommend the ample print space of our 4-metre portrait flags, while our budget portrait flags are a great solution if you’re working within the tightest of advertising budgets.

Or, take it up a notch simply by changing the shape of your design! The human eye is drawn to interesting shapes, and nothing pops out like an advert on a teardrop flag. These elegant Pro-Lite designs are available in 2.8-metre, 3.4-metre, and 4.5-metre heights at The Flag Shop, with print areas ranging between 50 cms by 190 cms for our smaller flags and 110 cms by 260 cms for our 4.5-metre tall advertising teardrops. 

Each teardrop flag is quick and effortless to assemble on your choice of pole, and we ship inclusive of VAT across the UK mainland with your choice of cross base, water base, ground spike, rotating ground spike, and even car base. All you’ll need to do to inject some colour and flair into your next advertising campaign is select and upload the PNG, JPG, AI, or other file of your choice and make sure your teardrop says exactly what you want it to. We’ll print your gorgeous advertising on 115 gsm knitted, weatherproof, fade-resistant polyester and ensure that you can set it up wherever you like, whenever you receive it!

How about breaking away from the flock, and standing metres above your competitors with a beautiful feather flag? Quirky, riveting, and easy to customise with bright, bold designs or your choice of professional, informative text, our feather flags include 3.4-metre designs on a stand-out template that never fails to turn heads. A stunning quill-shaped design makes these flags able to withstand high winds and gives them the perfect edge if you’re planning to outdoor advertise in an area such as a field, festival, beach, park, or sporting event. 

All The Flag Shop’s advertising flag templates are even better value when you order them in bulk, and we can ship to your company anywhere across the world. With only your imagination to limit your personalisable designs, and with our high-resolution, photo-quality finish printing and full-scale photography options, it’s never been a better time to buy advertising flags today. Time to make your advertising count!