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South America Flags

Advertise your business, support your country’s sports team, or just show off your national pride with The Flag Shop’s South America Flags. Our bumper range of national and continental flags includes standard 3-foot by 5-foot designs, small 3-foot by 2-foot flags for hanging, hand flags, car flags, beautiful table flags, and bunting for all kinds of holidays, promotions, and personal events.

The popular Brazil Flag can be ordered in 5-foot by 3-foot, or 152 cm by 91 cm sizes - the official standard for outdoor waving on any kind of flag pole. Our best-selling Brazil Flag is professionally printed with top-quality rain- and weather-proof dyes to ensure your green, yellow, white, and blue stay crisp and vivid even with long-term exposure to sunlight and rain. Vibrant colours and crisp detail maximise visibility at sports events, parties, festivals, parades, and outside your business, while a knitted polyester-weave pennant prevents any unwanted ripping, fraying, or wear. If you’re partying at Carnivale, advertising your Brazilian business, or showing tourists the sights of Rio, this flag will make sure you’re noticed. And of course, it’s a must-have for National Day!

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South America Flags available at The Flag Shop

Want to show off your South America Flags in the office? As a desktop decoration, a Brazil Table Flag is a fun but convenient way to liven the workplace up. An exciting way to spice up your business’ point-of-purchase, while adding an authentic local touch, Brazil Table Flags can be the perfect way to promote your South American products and remind your guests of your roots. All The Flag Shop’s table flags measure 10 cm by 15 cm across, or 6 by 4 inches, and can easily be ordered with a plastic base for everything you need to stand and wave your flag, tabletop! Plastic bases for these flags measure 12 inches high, roughly 30 cm, and these table flags are a great way to set decorative place markers at dinner parties, diplomatic meetings, and themed get-togethers. Order for weddings, schools, business meetings, and more for a handy, compact way to show off your vibrant colours!

Fly a crisp white and sky-blue Argentina Flag at your next festival, rally, or parade and get snapped on social media to remember your event forever. The Flag Shop’s Argentina Flags, like our other South America flags, use vivid colour-fast dyes and weather-proof printing techniques for great detail and crisp colour even with prolonged usage. These official national flags can be used to cheer your country’s sports team on, decorate a party, or make your venue stand out to attract even more guests. The sunny, golden motif is instantly recognisable in full detail using The Flag Shop’s photo-resolution technology and advanced techniques.

Shop South America bunting and deck out your local food or hospitality venue - The Flag Shop’s Argentina Bunting is an even quicker, more exciting way to splash some national designs across your office, parade route, hotel, restaurant, or home. Available in 3-metre lengths, or as 6-metre or 9-metre strands, decorating is swift and simple with your choice of 10, 20, or 30 national pennants. These gorgeous official pennants measure 150 mm x 230 mm and can be used as festive decorations for outdoor venues such as town squares, local office fronts, cafes, bars, pubs, and even on the beach. Argentina Bunting uses strong fabric tape and polyester flags for maximum durability and repeated use at every event of the year!

No World Cup or Olympic celebration is complete without your national flag - and The Flag Shop stocks stunning Colombia Flags, Chile Flags, and Uruguay Flags in bright, standard designs. Why not decorate your market stall with our Chile Table Flag or Peru Table Flag, or turn heads at a National Day celebration with a Venezuela Hand Waving Flag and make an impact? We provide swift, convenient, and free UK-wide delivery for mainland addresses, plus all the flag parts and poles you’re after to get up and waving right away. 

The Flag Shop’s giant shop of South America Flags features country flags for Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Curacao, and many more. With our multi-buy discounts, you can combine different designs to complete your Flags of South America collection with options for indoor and outdoor decorating!