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Pirates are renowned for ruling the high seas and looking for treasure, and the fascination with these ancient robbers has made them a popular choice for Halloween costumes and using their flags at events. At the Flag Shop, we have all hands on deck to bring you the best pirate flags around, with designs like the ever popular Skull and Crossbones, or the infamous Jack Rackham to name just a couple of our massive range of Pirate flag designs.
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We have traditional and modern designs of the Jolly Roger, the ancient that used to be flown on a pirate ship to signal an attack. This features the popular skull and crossbones, which has been around since the early 18th century. Check out our collection of pirate flags to find your favourite.

If you are looking for a flag to make you stand out at events, parades and festivals, check out the Jack Rackham 8ft x 5ft Pirate Flag. This design features the famous Jolly Roger that was flown by the English pirate, Calico Jack. It has a black background and skull with crossed swords in white, which is printed onto quality polyester, making it suitable for outdoor use. In addition, this huge flag has two brass eyelets so you can hang it up high on a flagpole, just like a ship mast. This Jack Rackham Pirate Flag is also available in 5ft x 3ft and a smaller 3ft x 2ft. In addition, if you would prefer a flag you hold and fly proudly at parades, have a look at the Jack Rackham Pirate Hand Waving Flag. The famous skull and cross swords is printed with vivid colours onto 18 x 12 inch polyester material for a long-lasting design and it is attached to a wood stick, measuring 24 inches.

To enjoy some fun flying the Jolly Roger with a pirate eyepatch, we recommend the Giant Skull & Crossbones 8ft x 5ft Pirate Flag. This is made with quality polyester for outdoor use, with two brass grommets for hanging on a flagpole. There’s no doubt this flag will be spotted in the crowd! This skull and crossbones design is also available in a modest 5ft x 3ft size and a smaller 3ft x 2ft size, as well as a Pirate Nylon Flag. This boasts the skull, crossbones and eyepatch variation on 210 denier nylon fabric, double stitched all around, with four rows of stitching on the fly. The flag measures 5ft x 3ft and has two brass eyelets for hanging from a flagpole. With the black and white design printed with dye, this makes it less likely to fade or wash out, which means this flag will last for many years, even in unpredictable British weather.

For Halloween parties or other fun occasions, check out the Skull and Crossbones Bunting. Each 6 x 9 inch flag features the notorious black background, with a modern variation of the Jolly Roger with an eyepatch in white, with lengths of three, six and nine metres of bunting available. This will feature between 10 to 30 quality polyester flags that are sewn onto strong polyester tape, perfect for hanging and decoration almost anywhere. If you would prefer a table decoration, whether it is for your own desk or events and meetings, have a look at the Skull and Crossbones Budget Table Flag. This has a 6 x 4 inch flag, which is supplied with a black plastic stick and base, standing at 12 inches high. In addition, this Jolly Roger eyepatch flag can be used without the base to create your own unique display.

Be the captain of the ship and get yourself noticed at big events with our quality flags from the Flag Shop. As your number one supplier of superior flags for every occasion, you know you can trust the Flag Shop.