Festival Flags

Festivals are one of the best things about the British summer. From the outdoor drinking to enjoying your favourite acts, you can’t quite beat the entertainment and atmosphere of a music festival. Whether you’re planning on hitting Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, Creamfields, Parklife or one of the many other festivals taking place this season, why not buy a festival flag to get yourself seen on TV? We have a super variety of fun, colourful flags in store, including the instantly recognisable smiley face flag, a poignant ‘Peace Love and Happiness flag’ or a bounty of pirate flags. If you are looking for something more unique to really stand out from the crowd, why not get designing and create a one off Custom Print Flag. Custom Print Flag
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Festival flags for sale at The Flag Shop

Festival flags are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd, there’s nothing better than the possibility of being spotted by those on stage right? At The Flag Shop, we have a wide variety of festival flags for sale in a design to suit you; from vibrant smiley faces to the famous peace symbol, all of our festival flags are made from the highest quality polyester to ensure the colours stand out!

Buy smiley face festival flags from theflagshop.co.uk

The smiley face symbol is one of the most popular festival flag designs, as the vibrant colours instantly stand out in a crowd. Whether you want to get noticed or maybe use it to track down your campsite, a flag is a camping essential. At The Flag Shop, we have a wide variety of festival smiley face flags for sale to suit you. Our giant yellow smiley face flag is one of our most popular festival flags, as the vivid yellow colouring is guaranteed to get anyone seen. This flag is made from high-quality polyester, although they aren’t made for outdoor use, we can ensure this giant flag will last the length of your festival with ease!

The smiley face design was also a symbol of the acid raves of the 90s; if you’re looking to incorporate a bit of 90s spirit into your festival trip, why not buy the smiley face acid flag? The cheeky tongue expression makes a change from the traditional smiley face, with a black background to help the bright yellow stand out effortlessly. This flag is also crafted from high-quality polyester, allowing the vibrant colours to shine.

For a more girly festival flag, why not buy the pink smiley face flag? This fun flag is great if you’re hitting a festival with the girls this summer - the perfect way to set up camp and get your girl group noticed! At The Flag Shop, we also sell flag poles, so you can easily find your way back to your camp without getting lost.

Festival Windsocks for sale

If you’re looking for a way to add your own identity to your campsite, or maybe you’re just looking to create a vivid checkpoint so everyone can find their tents, a spin sock is the ideal way to help everyone track down their tent with a splash of fun. Our rainbow windsock for sale is vibrant and colourful, the perfect way to add a little character to your campsite. Made from nylon, this windsock is tough and resilient, so even if the rain starts pouring, you won’t have to worry about the colours fading - so you can use it summer after summer, not matter how many festivals you go to! We also sell all the flagpoles you need to elevate your windsock above all the tents.

Festival Peace flags for sale

Hippy and peace flags are another big icon of the festival scene, so why not buy a flag to carry on this iconic trend? At theflagshop.co.uk we have a range of peace flags for sale to suit you, including the vibrant rainbow swirl flag which incorporates the traditional peace emblem into a youthful vibrant design. This flag is made from quality polyester, so the vivid colours are guaranteed to stand out in a crowd. The peace, love and happiness flag is a festival favourite, combining the peace and smiley face design to create a positive flag that’s vibrant and fun. The CND peace flag is the original design, but to this day this white and blue flag is still as popular. At theflagshop.co.uk, we have loads of other peace flags for sale - discover them today to find your perfect festival favourite.

Other fun festival flags

No matter what design of festival flag you seek, we have a massive variety for sale to suit. From rainbow flags to flags or the world, you’ll find tonnes of options to tailor to your needs - check them out today.